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Welcome to Ear Solutions a Leading Hearing Aids Supplier, Dealer in Delhi NCR & Mumbai, India

Fully or partially disability of listening sound is known as Hearing Loss. It is the third most common rapidly growing health problem in world. It can be happened in one or both ears. Many causes are related to hearing loss like ageing, infection, genetic, long illness, exposure to loud noise etc. It affects our relationships & daily routine works more.
Patient facing problems like difficulty in understanding conversation over phone fail to understanding announcements at airport, railway station and may other public places properly.
Difficulty in group conversation and misunderstanding what people say and asking people to repeat themselves, difficulty in watching TV at normal volume etc. WHO researches don’t know completely why hearing decreases but we have method to fight with this problem. After many years of researches scientists & doctors discovered a device which is like a boon for all hearing loss patients. Name of this device is Hearing Aids. This tiny device amplifies the sound for patient up to suitable frequency range. It carries sounds from environment and inserts it in ear after making it louder. It comes in several shape & Style. You can choose a hearing aid according to your work & comfort. With hearing aid you can hear batter & get back your quality of life. But this device is manufacturing in foreign countries only and very expensive. In our country first time in Delhi NCR a Firm whose name is EAR Solutions come in front for helping peoples those suffering from hearing loss. We are the major hearing aids supplier in Delhi. We import Digital hearing aids in delhi from foreign. In our clinic we offer facility of ear checkup, treatment, hearing test, hearing aids consultation and speech therapy. Our clinic is the well known hearing aid clinic in delhi. We are in the healthcare sector from many decades. EAR solutions is a reputed name among hearing aids dealer in delhi. We have wide of range of hearing aids. We deals in Branded hearing aids like Siemens, Resound, Widex, Phonak, Starkey, Orion etc. We are the official supplier of Siemens hearing aids in delhi. We are awarded with title of Best sound center by Siemens Technology. Siemens is the pioneer in hearing aids development and working in this field from century. Peoples are always worried about cost of hearing aid because they are very costly but EAR Solutions is the right place where you can get affordable hearing aids in delhi. Thousands of satisfied customers are attached with us. Our products are best in design and compact in size, with low maintenance, great in sound quality, and more durable. We give warranty & free after care service on our products. For your convenience we offers free home visits for hearing trial and EMI options on purchase of new hearing aids. We are also supplies hearing aids accessories like battery, remote control, eCharger etc. we are leading Hearing Aid Accessories Dealer Delhi. All ear related issues are solved under the one roof at EAR Solutions. So don’t delay in treatment, visit our clinic today and give a fresh start up to your life because Life is incomplete without hearing.