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Hearing loss is rapidly growing health problem in which patient lose hearing ability gradually means sound signals not reached to brain properly.  Generally hearing loss is of two types

  • Sensorineural : It happens due to injury, ear infection, noise exposure or ageing, in this auditory nerve became weak and result  to hearing loss. Treatment for this type of hearing loss is done by amplifying sound through hearing aid.
  • Conductive: It happens due to blockage of ear canal with ear wax or fluid, in this sound in inner ear have very less intensity as compare to outer ear this result to hearing loss. Treatment for this type of hearing loss is done by medication or minor surgery.

For people suffering from hearing loss Hearing Aid eventuated as boon for them. It is an electronic gadget that can be wearing behind or inside the ear. It amplifies the sound and transmits to inner ear. To find the hearing aid that works best for you please contact to EAR Solutions pioneer of hearing aids in delhi and professional audiologists happy to help you. Try more than one hearing aid and learn how to use it at our hearing aid clinic in delhi. We offer free hearing aid trial at your home. We have digital hearing aids of leading brands like Siemens, Widex, Starkey, Phonak, Resound etc. Why searching for hearing aid dealers delhi, We have hearing aids for every budget to check hearing aid price in delhi please visit to our Website – or call us to schedule FREE consultation at +91-8826144452, 0124-4101175