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hearing aids in mumbai
Hearing aids in Mumbai

If you have hearing problems and you are looking for hearing aid supplier Mumbai then Contact us. You should check it regularly by primary care physician. Consult an ear physician as necessary. Ear Solutions provides the free audiologist consultation services in your city, Mumbai.  Ear Solution is the topmost hearing aid dealers in Mumbai, more over 13 years of experience in this field. Our company deals in prestigious brands like Siemens, Resound, Phonak, Widex, Starkey hearing aid and other hearing aid accessories. We also provide after sale service through the lifetime. Hearing Device is the best solution if you have hearing problems like if you are feeling difficulty in watching TV at the normal sound, understanding communication over mobiles and with your friends. We provide the best hearing aid in Mumbai at an affordable cost. Hearing Devices are like a boon for all hearing loss patients. Gift of hearing seems like a small act of kindness.  This tiny device amplifies the sound up to a suitable range so that the patient may hear and understand the voice clearly. We have number of clients connected with us from years and they are truly happy with best and on-time service. Get best and affordable hearing aids in Mumbai with Ear Solutions. If you have any query regarding hearing aid price in Mumbai feel free to call us at our helpline number

Hearing Aids Myths and Facts Explore with Ear Solutions

Myth: Hearing aids restore hearing like an eyeglass can restore vision to 20/20.

Truth: Hearing guides don’t cure hearing ability, however they enhance you’re listening capacities, and they can significantly enhance your personal satisfaction.


Myth: You can spare time and cash by purchasing hearing aid online or via mail request.

Truth: By working with an audiologist, you are obtaining proficient care and administrations to guarantee that the right hearing aid is chosen and that legitimate programming of the listening device is finished other expert consideration incorporates:

  • Hearing assessment
  • Referral for medicinal treatment (if necessary)
  • Hearing guide assessment
  • Verification of hearing aids performance
  • Instruction in how to legitimately utilize and keep up the hearing aid
  • Follow-up consideration and backing
  • Repair & Proper Services


Myth: A portable hearing aid will harm your hearing.

Truth: An appropriately fitted and kept up hearing aid won’t harm you’re hearing.


Myth: A milder listening is not sufficiently required for a hearing aid.

Truth: Everyone’s listening abilities and listening needs are distinctive. By working with your audiologist, you can figure out whether a listening device is required and the amount it will enhance you’re hearing.


Myth: Wearing two portable hearing is a bit much.

Truth: We typically hear with two ears. Binaural (two-eared) listening to help us recognizes sounds, helps us in boisterous settings, and gives regular sound quality. A great many people with listening to misfortune in both ears can see preferred with two guides over with one.


Myth: Tiny hearing aids worn in the ear are the best listening devices to buy.

Truth: There are a few styles of portable hearing aids, and all are “cutting edge.” What is most critical is that you buy hearing aid that obliges you’re listening & fulfill your listening needs. Simply in light of the fact that your companion utilizes a specific hearing aid style does not mean you need to utilize that style.