Hearing Aid Clinic in Noida

If you are looking out for a hearing aids in Noida, contact Ear Solutions. We are one of the leading hearing aid dealer in Noida, and are dedicated to giving the reliable and affordable service for people who wants to get best hearing aids for their hearing problems. We are the well known hearing specialist in Noida. Noida is the best city of Uttar Pradesh. It is located in Gautam Buddh Nagar district of UP. It is a part of National Capital Region of India including Delhi, Gurgaon and other places. Roads networks comprise of National Highways, Expressways, State Highways and Major Road Districts. It is an industrial area where number of companies and industries are located. We have professionals and modern equipments to check the problem of hearing and speech. Our aim is to making life easier for people having hearing problem or speaking problem.

Our hearing specialists give personal attention to each and every client. We suggest our patients to get regular checkup to minimize the risk of hearing loss. We ensure that we provide excellence in service and top quality patient care.

We provide standard hearing aids services in Noida, at our center latest machine are installed. The services offered by us are

  • Test to determine hearing loss
  • Speech audiometry
  • Digital Hearing Aid
  • Speech Therapy and Language Therapy
  • Check ups
  • Tone Decay Test
  • Alternate Binaural Loudness Balance
  • Hearing Aid trial & Fitting
  • Speech Language Services.
  • After sale services