Naida Q Hearing Aid

The superior technology in Phonak Naida Q hearing aid portfolio offers a host of unique features designed to enrich the listening experience in your day-to-day life.

Power hearing aid, based on Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ Power SlimTube option enhances cosmetic appeal Water and dust resistant

Styles and Colors

Phonak Naída Q is the high-performance power hearing aid portfolio. It is available in a range of styles, including an attractive Receiver-In-Canal model. All models are water and dust resistant. The new attractive color palette offers a variety of hair and skin colors. Fashion and fun colors ensure there is something to suit your style

Features & Benefits

Phonak Naída Q helps you to hear and understand in even the toughest listening environments at the same time providing hearing comfort at all times.

Connect & Communicate

Phonak Naída Q can be easily connected to all the interactive communication and media devices via the Phonak wireless communication portfolio and FM systems.

 Dynamic FM
Even better understanding in noise and over distance

When it comes to understanding speech in noise, from a distance or when the speaker is not facing the listener, nothing beats Phonak Dynamic FM.

 Phonak TVLink S
Watching TV with Comfort

A dedicated TV solution that wirelessly sends audio signals from a TV or any other audio source to the ComPilot. The extremely fast transmission from your TV to your hearing aids in stereo provides excellent sound quality.

 Phonak ComPilot
Wireless Control and Communication

It is a perfect 3-in-1 companion, offering a built-in remote control, easy wireless access to TVs, MP3 players and telephones. VoiceAlerts make it easier than ever to interact with hearing aids.

 Phonak RemoteMic

Effortless Conversation in Noisy Places A Bluetooth-based wireless microphone compatible with ComPilot. It is clipped onto the speakers clothing and sends the speech to the hearing aids via ComPilot. The one-to-one conversation is easy even when looking around or at larger distance.