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It’s good to know there’s a hearing instrument that lets you treasure every moment. Because Motion amazing clarity and comfortable fit combine to help you focus on what’s important. Motion takes its cues from you. Thanks to its advanced technology, it’s fully automatic, learning to adjust itself to your needs and hearing preferences over time. And if you want to manually change the volume or switch programs, intuitive onboard controls make it easy to enjoy the sound of life.

Motion Hearing Aid

Motion is available in four models for virtually any ear, any age and any hearing loss:

  • Motion SX+PX are conveniently rechargeable for hassle-free handling
  • Motion M+P feature direct audio input via optional audio shoe
  • e2e wireless 2.0 allows for synchronization between instruments connection to electronic devices including those with wireless technology
  • Intuitive onboard controls
  • Superior nanocoating protects from corrosion and water damage
  • Tinnitus noiser manages tinnitus and improves hearing at the same time

Available as:

  • Motion XCEL BTE : Motion P701 XCL, Motion SX 701 XCL, Motion P 501 XCL, Motion SX 501 XCL, Motion P 301 XCL, Motion SX 301 XCL
  • Motion BTE : Motion P101, Motion SX 101
  • Motion Custom : Motion 701 ITE, ITC & CIC, Motion 501 ITE, ITC & CIC, Motion 301 ITE, ITC & CIC, Motion 101 ITE, ITC & CIC.
  • BTE Motion PX 7mi (Twin Mic): 229990.00
  • BTE Motion SX 7mi(Twin Mic): 229990.00
  • BTE Motion M 7mi(Twin Mic): 229990.00
  • BTE Motion PX 5mi(Twin Mic): 149990.00
  • BTE Motion SX 5mi (Twin Mic): 149990.00
  • BTE Motion M 5mi (Twin Mic): 149990.00