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Siemens strives to bring the music of life to your ears with the Orion™ range of BTE hearing instruments. Whatever it is you like to hear most, you can rely on Orion hearing instruments to help you connect with your world and the people in it. Their enhanced technology quickly adapts to your hearing needs, making automatic adjustments and leaving you free to focus on life. And your Hearing Care Professional can help you customize the settings to give you the perfect match for your individual needs. Orion BTE hearing instruments help you truly enjoy the sounds that set the scene for your memories.

Orion Hearing Aid

Orion is packed with innovations:

  • The large range ensures that you can find the perfect hearing instrument to fit your needs
  • Orion’s microphones focus on sound from in front of you while reducing noise from other directions, helping you to concentrate on your conversation partner
  • Optional wireless connectivity
  • Enables use of remote controls for simple and discreet manual adjustments
  • Improves spatial hearing by helping left and right hearing instruments work together
  • Excellent feedback cancellation prevents bothersome whistling noises
  • Orion’s tinnitus masker can relieve the symptoms of tinnitus and improve your hearing at the same time
  • Convenient controls make Orion easy to use
  • Orion offers exchangeable housing in case your color preference changes.