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Siemens created the sturdy Sirion™ line of BTE hearing instruments to bring the music of life to your ears. It helps you focus more clearly on the voices and sounds you long to hear and is so easy to use that you can really concentrate on the moments that matter most. The latest technology adapts to your hearing preferences automatically to create the rich sound quality and clear speech that keeps your conversations going in any situation. Your Hearing Care Professional can help you find the model that best fits your individual needs.

Sirion Hearing Aid

Sirion BTE hearing instruments are simply sensational:

  • The solid design ensures reliable performance over a long service life
  • Sirion’s microphones focus on sound from in front of you while reducing noises from other directions, helping you to concentrate on your conversation partner
  • Convenient controls make Sirion easy to use
  • Excellent feedback cancellation prevents bothersome whistling noises
  • Select models include a built-in Telecoil or optional audio shoe
  • Sirion offers exchangeable housing in case your color preference changes