BTE Hearing Aid

BTE hearing aids are the most common type of hearing aid. Worn behind the ear and connected to a custom-made earmold. They're known for their comfort, power, and versatility.

BTE hearing aids work for different types of hearing loss and all ages. They help people with mild to severe hearing problems.

Advantages of BTE hearing aids: ⦁ Powerful and durable ⦁ Available in various sizes and styles ⦁ Easy to Handle: BTE devices are easy to    adjust and handle

Disadvantages of BTE hearing aids: ⦁Can be more visible and uncomfortable ⦁May pick up more background noise ⦁Ear Molds: Custom ear molds may be necessary for proper fit

Before buying a BTE hearing aid you should have to talk to your audiologist to determine if a BTE hearing aid is right for you. For a free test & trial visit Ear Solutions Clinic.