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Ear Solutions is an authorised service partner of leading trusted hearing aid brands like Widex, Phonak, Signia, Starkey and ReSound.

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Digital Hearing Aid Price in India

Digital Hearing Aid Price in India in 2023 starts with INR 24,999 and goes up to INR 6,99,999. The reason for this wide range is that it’s an electronic medical device and the price varies with the features and technology of the device. Now the hearing aid devices are coming with all the modern features like Invisible, Rechargeable, Bluetooth Connectivity, Charging on the go, Ready wear like earbuds, natural sound quality, automated noise cancellation, augmented experience etc.

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With Upto 4 years of Warranty
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Phonak Hearing Aids

With Upto 4 years of Warranty
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Resound Hearing Aids

With Upto 4 years of Warranty
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Widex Hearing Aids

With Upto 4 years of Warranty
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Starkey Hearing Aids

With Upto 4 years of Warranty
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Hearing Aid Machine:

Hearing Aids, also known as Ear Machines or Hearing Machines, are incredible devices that enable individuals with hearing loss to listen, speak and interact more confidently in both quiet and noisy environments. These wireless devices are worn behind the ear and amplify certain sounds. Hearing Aids come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit different needs, such as the Behind-The-Ear (BTE) Hearing Aid, Completely-In-Canal (CIC) Hearing Aid, and In-The-Canal (ITC) Hearing Aid. With features like clear natural sound, outstanding speech recognition, and personalized noise-cancelling technology with tap sensors, Hearing Aids make a world.

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