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Ear solutions is dedicated to exceptional customer support. A team of trusted experts and a professional hearing aid experts are here to help you. Your hearing health is our top priority, so we want to do everything we can help to preserve your good hearing.

At Ear Solutions, We’re here to answer all your hearing related questions and help find the best hearing solution for you. We want to be your lifetime healthy hearing partner. We are here to help you find the best hearing aid for your lifetime. At Ear Solutions, We have a variety of Hearing aid styles and types to fit your needs and budget.

At Ear Solutions, we provide a wide range of services which includes hearing aid consultation, hearing tests, understanding of hearing loss, dispensing of hearing aid, speech & after sale services.

Our goal is to provide a door for everyone with speech and hearing problems that they can knock for help! We give commitment towards our patients that makes us different from others.

We invite you to contact our highly qualified staff to determine your hearing needs!

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Meet Our Founders

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Mr. Anand Singh, Executive Director

Having contributed more than two decades of my life to the Hearing Healthcare Industry while working with one of the leading manufacturers of hearing instruments , I am full of passion and compassion for this fraternity of medical health, as it mostly deals with senior citizens and small children.

As one of the founder members of Ear Solutions, I feel privileged to lead and guide an organization that is always in sync with its vision and mission statements. I feel that my intense experience makes me well versed with the development stages of the hearing aid products and services from the past. I can instantly relate to and compare between the products and services which have been offered in the past vis-a-vis what is being offered now. This surely gives an edge to my organization when it comes to the clients/patients satisfaction related challenges. I prefer to be completely updated with the newest technological advancements in hearing instruments.

I am proud of my dedicated team who is committed to serve the clients/ patients unconditionally.


Mr. Vishwajeet Vishnu, Managing Director

Ear Solutions was born out of a need as I was evolving from being an introvert boy to becoming the managing director of India’s fastest growing hearing aid company. My journey was as satiating as it was a challenging one.

I realized the agonizing pain of people with hearing loss, observed how hearing loss destroys the quality of life and that made me take an initiative. I committed myself to serve them and contribute to the society in this way.

Ear Solutions has a vision to serve every human that needs help with better hearing and I am happy to see, we are rapidly growing towards achieving that goal. Our slogan reiterates end emphasizes upon this feeling in a very specific manner when it says – “Ab Sab Sunenge” (meaning each one of us would be hearing now).

Certificates of Authorization with Leading Hearing Aid Brands

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