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Reclaim your world of sound. Ear Solutions offers the Best Hearing Aids for Senior Citizens, restoring clarity and enhancing quality of life.

Ear Solutions is an authorized partner of the Best Hearing Aid Brands. Get your ideal Hearing Aid for Senior Citizens from us and get lifetime free services.

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Ear Solutions is a renowned provider of hearing healthcare in India, with a vast network of 75+ clinics across the country. With a team of 100+ expert audiologists, we offer comprehensive services for individuals of all ages, including senior citizens. Whether it’s hearing assessments, fitting of hearing aids, or personalized care, Ear Solutions ensures top-quality service and support to meet the unique hearing needs of every individual in their budget.

You can get affordable hearing aids for senior citizens at Ear Solutions as we are providing discounts up to ₹31,000.


Why Choose Ear Solutions?

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Ear Solutions understands the unique hearing needs of senior citizens that’s why we offer a variety of services too which include:

Free Home Visit Free Home Visit
Free Hearing Aid Trial Free Hearing Aid Trial
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Best Deals On Various Brands Best Deals on Top Brands

Most Popular Hearing Aids for Seniors

Why Trust Us? Here’s the answer:

With an outstanding average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, our exceptional service and customer satisfaction are evident in the positive feedback we receive. Be one of a million people we satisfied.
With over 15 years of experience, we have honed our skills, knowledge, and understanding to provide you with the best possible hearing care.
Trust your hearing health to our team of over 100 skilled and compassionate and dedicated audiologists. Our professionals are committed to delivering personalized care and finding the perfect hearing solution.
With our vast network of more than 75 clinics, we deliver our services to you more conveniently. Our strategically placed clinics make sure that you have easy access to high-quality hearing care in your neighbourhood.

Types of Hearing Aids for Senior Citizens


Receiver in Canal (RIC)

RIC Hearing Aids consist of a small housing placed behind the ear, connected to a thin wire or tube that delivers sound into the ear canal.

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Behind the Ear (BTE)

BTE Hearing Aids rest behind the ear and are connected to a custom earpiece or earmold. They are suitable for a wide range of hearing loss and offer powerful amplification.


Invisible in Canal (IIC)

IIC Hearing Aids are the smallest and most discreet type, with the entire device positioned deep inside the ear canal. They are custom-made and ideal for mild to moderate hearing loss.


In The Canal (ITC)

ITC Hearing Aids are smaller and fit partly in the ear canal. They are more discreet but may have slightly less amplification capability.


In The Ear (ITE)

ITE Hearing Aids are custom-made to fit in the outer portion of the ear. They are less visible and can accommodate a range of hearing loss levels.

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Completely in Canal (CIC)

CIC Hearing Aids are tiny and fit completely inside the ear canal, making them nearly invisible. They are suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss.

What is Hearing loss and how Ear Solutions India can help?

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Hearing Aid Repairs and Servicing Low Cost for Senior Citizens*

Enjoy 2 Years of Warranty on Essential Devices and 4 Years of Warranty on Premium Devices.

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Free Hearing Test and Evaluation for Senior Citizens in All India

Our RCI Certified Expert Audiologist and Hearing Experts will evaluate your hearing for Free of Cost.

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Free Digital Hearing Aid Reprogramming

Get Free Lifetime Reprogramming and Adjustments on Hearing Aids purchased from Ear solutions at any of our 47 locations.

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Meet our Best Audiologist

Still have doubts whether to visit the center or call the Audiologist for a home visit. Schedule a Free Teleconsultation with the Audiologist to understand more about your Hearing Loss.

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Home Visits Available for Senior Citizens*

Our Vaccinated Expert Audiologists will do the Hearing Evaluation and Trial with the latest products at the comfort of your home.

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Free Hearing Aid Trial

Our Certified Hearing Experts will give a Trial of latest products as per your Hearing Needs.

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Receive the Best Deal on a Hearing Aids.

Our most recommended Digital Hearing Aid for Senior Citizens

For mild to moderate hearing loss
The ideal hearing solution for those who value discretion above all

Signia Silk X

Silk Removebg Preview

Our most recommended Digital Hearing Aid for Senior Citizens

For mild to severe hearing loss
It’s more than just a hearing aid – It’s your complete hearing experience

Signia Styletto X

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Our most recommended Digital Hearing Aid for Senior Citizens

Enjoy easier hearing in a variety of situations with Phonak SmartSpeech Technology in all levels of Lumity

Phonak Audeo L90-RL

Phonak Audeo L90 Rl

Our most recommended Digital Hearing Aid for Senior Citizens

There is nothing like the sound of Paradise.
Introducing Phonak Audéo Life”, a hearing aid that’s waterproof, rechargeable, and delivers crisp natural sound’.

Phonak Audeo P90-RL

Phonak Paradise Rt1 500x500 2

Our most recommended Digital Hearing Aid for Senior Citizens

The perfection of natural sound
WIDEX MOMENT SHEER features exclusive Sound Class Technology that automatically adapts hearing aid to your client’s specific listening requirements. Without pushing any buttons, WIDEX MOMENT SHEER ensures optimal clarity, comfort and audibility in each different situation.

Widex Moment Sheer

Widex 1

Valuable feedback from our customers, motivates us to serve better

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Racha King
Racha King
We bought a hearing machine from here and were told, the machine has to be modified (volume and frequency) from time to time. They were very kind, sending the concern person at home to make it convenient. My mother is very happy with them showing up at home after scheduling an appointment. They are literally just a phone call away. Dear Miss Akansha Singhal Please accept our sincere gratitude and love for handling everything so well. You are a very soft spoken and my mother loved speaking to you directly without any hesitations. Good Luck and God Bless you 😊
vivek kadiyan
vivek kadiyan
Very supportive and professional staff. Special thanks to Mr. Roshan assisting me in choosing correct hearing aids for my mother.
Sparsh Mehta
Sparsh Mehta
Probably the best in business. They have very professional and trained audiologists. Most importantly they are just a call away. After sale service is awesome.
Sanchit Jain
Sanchit Jain
Prompt service by the team.
Mukesh Yadav
Mukesh Yadav
Good service and Kindly nature. Fully satisfied
Pk Mehrotra
Pk Mehrotra
T he agency promptly attends to its clients and even pay visits to home, to dicuss and provide solutions to any query of the clients.We have received a very favourable treatment in our interaction with the Company.
Kanchan Lata
Kanchan Lata
My problem solved in 24 hours
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Digital Hearing Aids for Senior Citizen at Ear solutions

At Ear Solutions, we understand the unique needs of senior citizens when it comes to hearing aids. As we age, our hearing loss tends to become more severe and our ears become less sensitive to certain frequencies. This means that older adults require hearing aids that are specifically designed to address the unique needs of older adults. We offer a wide range of hearing aids specifically designed for senior citizens, including behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, and in-the-canal options. Our team of experts will work closely with you to determine the best device to suit your needs, lifestyle, and budget. One of the key features of hearing aids for senior citizens is the ability to amplify speech while reducing background noise. This makes it easier for older adults to understand conversations in noisy environments, such as restaurants and social gatherings. We also offer a range of hearing aids equipped with advanced noise reduction and speech enhancement features, which can improve speech understanding in noisy environments.

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