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Ear Solutions is a diamond partner for Signia, the most reputable manufacturer of Hearing Aids.

The all-new Pure Charge & Go AX hearing aids from Signia transform your hearing. This device’s high-tech characteristics make operating and improving voice understanding considerably simpler.

Signia Pure C&G AX consists of the revolutionary augmented xperience, which changes your hearing experience. It gives you the advantage of clearer listening and better speech comprehension. You don’t need to strain to hear speech, even in immense background noise, which leads to uninterrupted conversations.

Key features:

Augment your hearing Xperience

The augmented xperience makes your hearing enjoyable and crystal clear. The natural-sounding experience that Pure Charge and Go Ax can give is unmatched by any prior-sounding solution. You get proper sound in every acoustic situation.

Augmented Xperience is inspired by the same principle as in 3D movies, where key images appear directly in front of you while the background remains further away.

Pure C&G AX offers two processors that simultaneously process speech and surrounding sounds. Now, you can’t miss hearing anything important to you.

Along with better hearing, you get high-tech features that make using these hearing aids much easier. Even with too much background noise, your one-to-one conversation will not be interrupted. Without any confusion, you can focus on the sound you want to hear.

Pure Charge&Go AX stand up to any acoustic challenge to let you Be Brilliant – all day, every day.

Pure Charge & Go Ax has some more brilliant features, including an auto-echo shield that helps you ignore the echoes. It also offers its own voice processing 2.0, which preserves the familiar sound of the hearing aid wearer’s natural voice.

You can link your hearing aid device with your smartphone using the Bluetooth connectivity feature of Pure Charge and Go. Connectivity is offered for iOS and Android. Your music, TV shows, and phone calls can all be streamed.

You can get your hearing care professional’s support whenever and wherever you are with the Signia app. Additionally, you gain the benefit of AI support.

Pure C&G AX is also available in the T version, which is the telecoil version. It provides immediate access to audio loops.

Signia Pure C&G AX models come with rechargeable feature.  You can charge the hearing aid overnight and you are good to go in the morning. It comes with a compact charger which can be carried easily in your bag.

A single-time charge can provide you with up to 36 hours of usage along with 5 hours of non-stop streaming.

You also get the option to upgrade your charger to a portable or dry & clean charger.

Pure Charge Go AX Standard Charger With HA In Aligned 1000x1000

Pure Charger

Pure Charge Go AX Portable Charger Closed LED Aligned 1000x1000
Pure Charge Go AX Dry Clean Charger Closed LED Aligned 1000x1000

Pure Dry&Clean

Connectivity and App Control

Signia Pure Charge and Go AX provide you with connectivity to the Signia App. You can get the assistance of Signia Assistant as well as Telecare Support.

The Signia assistant works on AI intelligence, which provides you with immediate support whenever you feel the need to adjust your volume settings. Besides that, your every query will be resolved by telecare support.

Signia Assistant Face 1000x1000 1024x1024

AI powered personal sound

Signia Assistant not only helps you adjust volume settings, but it also optimizes the sound for you personally in real-life scenarios.

Hearing Professional in your pocket

You may easily get in touch with your hearing care professional using the Signia App on your smartphone. Therefore, even when you are in a remote location, there is no need for concern.

Get extra support instantly

Additionally, Signia TeleCare gives you access to your hearing specialist so you may receive better advice if you need to address a hearing issue.

Signia Assistant Man Looking At Phone 1920x1080 1024x576

Available colors:

Pure C&G AX

Pure Charge and Go AX are the smallest rechargeable RICs, and the first-time hearing aid wearer can totally rely on them as they are sleek devices with loads of features.

Signia Pure C&G AX Colors

Black, graphite, dark champagne, silver, pearl white, fine gold, deep brown, sandy brown, rose gold, and beige are the 10 hues available in pure C&G AX. Any shade that suits your tastes is available.

Signia Pure C&G AX Price

Signia Pure C&G AX’s price range starts at Rs. 63,990 per piece and goes up to Rs. 3,61,990 per piece, totally depending on the model you choose. Each AX model has some different features, and according to those, the prices are fixed.

Charging on-the-go

These sleek modern all-rounders are rechargeable, giving you up to 36 hours of use on a single charge with 5 hours of streaming.

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