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Ear Solutions is a diamond partner for Signia, the most reputable manufacturer of Hearing Aids.

Signia is one of the most trusted hearing aid manufacturers around the globe. Signia’s each and every model is unique and extraordinary and has its own benefits.

The Silk X hearing aid is also one of the best models introduced by Signia. Silk X comes with extreme benefits, but one of the most efficient is that it is one of the world’s smallest hearing aids. If you wear it, you can’t even feel like it’s inside your ear. You get the confidence of knowing that no one even notices you’re wearing a hearing aid. It sits discreetly inside your ear.

Tailor-made without the wait

The Silk X hearing aid offers four different sizes of sleeves that are suitable for most ear anatomies and hearing needs, so you don’t have to wait for your ideal hearing aid. You can simply click these sleeves onto your hearing aid, and they will work as an adaptable and disposable substitute for regular wax guards. These soft-silicone click sleeves assure a level of comfort and protection for your ears.

Silk X hearing aids have five products: silk 1x, silk 2x, silk 3x, silk 5x, and silk 7x. All these products vary on the basis of their features. Every product offers a variety of features, such as different channels, a fitting range, and warranty period.

The Signia Silk X hearing aid price depends on the product that is suitable for you. The Silk X hearing aid cost starts at Rs. 43,990 and goes up to Rs. 2,99,990 for a single unit.

No interruptions during phone calls

Signia Silk X’s microphones pick up sound directly inside the ear canal, so there is no interruption during any phone calls, listening to music, or any face-to-face conversation. You can even use over-ear headphones smoothly without feeling any kind of discomfort.

This CIC (completely in the-canal) device is nearly invisible, which helps keep your hearing loss hidden and allows you to maintain your social lifestyle as you want to.

Signia Telecare Portal

Signia provides you with a virtual connection with your hearing aid provider through Signia TeleCare or the Signia app on your smartphone. You can be in touch with your hearing care professional and get extra support from anywhere and anytime. Your problem will never be neglected by a hearing care professional.

You can even control the volume and other settings via the Signia app or the Signia mini pocket on your key ring.

Better sound in any acoustic situation

Signia Silk X helps you get proper sound in any acoustic situation. Whenever you are in a crowded place, working in an office, having any conversation with someone, or there is a high level of ambient noise, your concentration breaks constantly if you have a hearing loss. But if you are using Silk X, you can get proper sound with the help of Signia Xperience, which makes you hear what is important to you.

Signia Silk X is better in every acoustic situation, and the Silk X hearing aid reviews prove it all.

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Silk X

Silk x is the only ready-to-wear CIC that is available on the Signia Xperience platform. Signia Xperience delivers clear speech comprehension along with a discreet fit in the ear. The flexible silicone click sleeves never let you feel discomfort, as they sit securely and comfortably in the ear.

If you are searching for a comfortable and feature-loaded CIC hearing aid, then Silk X is the ideal one.

Available colors:

All your options for fitting, remote control and addressing single-sided hearing loss

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Click Sleeves 2.0

The highly adaptable, disposable soft-silicone Click Sleeve ensures the hearing aid’s comfort and retention in the ear

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