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Styletto Connect

Signia Styletto Connect is a revolution in sound, style, streaming, and charging on the go. It proves itself to be more than just a hearing aid. Styletto Connect makes you connect yourself with your friends and society without interruption through 5 hours of streaming.
Many individuals with hearing loss rely on Signia and have chosen Styletto Connect as their ideal hearing aid.

Styletto Connect comes with various features that make your hearing much better. It also gives you the advantage of rechargeability, as it comes with a handy charging case that lets you charge your hearing aid on the go. A portable charging case allows you three additional days of usage.

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How did Styletto Connect help Manuel Cortez?

Manuel Armando Cortez is a German-Portuguese actor, photographer, style expert, and film director. He became famous as the presenter of the German TV show “Schrankalarm” and as an author of style guides. His busy celebrity life makes him constantly on the go. Basic things like fashion, design, and good food in life are his first priorities.

Since 2012, Manuel Cortez has suffered from hearing loss, which was caused by a wakeboard accident. At first, he didn’t prefer to wear hearing aids. In his eyes, they were some ugly medical devices for senior citizens.
Until he discovered the Styletto Connect HEARWEAR from Signia. First, the stylish design of the hearwear inspired him, and then he got attached to its innovative functionality. Since then, he has worn hearing aids by Signia.

Signia Styletto Connect

Styletto Connect consists of award-winning design along with rechargeability for uncompromised living. Styletto Connect has won the Red Dot Design Award 2019 and the iF Design Award 2019.

The design of Styletto Connect is very sleek, with a metal look. Not only this, but it also comes in different trendy colours.

These stylish features are loved by most of the users, but more than that, the technology helps to make their lives easier. The lithium-ion battery has the capacity to go on and on for a day.

It also has an auto-on and auto-off function when removed from the charger for easy handling. The compact charger lets you charge your hearing aid on the go.

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Bluetooth Connectivity Feature

Styletto Connect is equipped with Bluetooth, which makes the user completely independent and always connected. You can stay connected with your friends and family members as they can reach you by phone.

With the help of the StreamLine Mic, you can even make hands-free calls, which is very helpful while driving or working out.

The world‘s first own voice processing for a natural own voice quality raised first-fit acceptance by 80%.

Signia Xperience Styletto X Assistant On The Go 1920x1080 1024x576

Styletto Connect Charger

The rechargeability feature makes it much more handy and easy to use for several hours. 3 hours of charging result in up to 19 hours of daily use, and after 30 minutes of fast charging, you can use it for 5 additional hours.

You can also stream your personal playlist directly from your phone, which helps you get entertained. Working for long hours doesn’t matter if you are using a Signia Styletto Connect hearing aid, as it goes and goes for long hours. You just have to charge the hearing aid overnight, and you’re ready to go.

You can carry the pocket-sized charging case anywhere and charge it anytime you want.

Styletto Connect helps you listen clearly even in noisy environments.

* Based on 16 hours wearing per day

Styletto Connect

Styletto Connect is powered by Signia’s NX platform. You get the most natural voice and the best speech understanding in noise with the Signia NX platform. It also has a robust fixed receiver and is IP68-rated for unmatched reliability.
This fashionable hearwear combines lithium-ion power cells with all the benefits of Bluetooth connectivity for recharging and streaming on the go. 
It comes in different colours, which include black and silver, cosmic blue and rose gold, and snow white and rose gold.

Available colors:

All your options for fitting, charging, streaming and remote control

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