Top 10 Hearing Aid Brands in India

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Hearing loss is a prevalent concern, impacting millions of individuals across India. Fortunately, advancements in technology have paved the way for the development of high-quality hearing aids, which can significantly enhance the lives of those with hearing impairments. In this article, we will delve into the top 10 hearing aid brands in India, providing comprehensive information about each brand and its offerings. Whether you or a loved one are seeking a hearing aid, this guide will assist you in making an informed decision.


Phonak stands as a beacon of innovation in the hearing aid industry. Recognized globally, Phonak’s reputation is built on its state-of-the-art hearing aid machines, finely tuned to cater to diverse hearing needs. What sets Phonak hearing aids apart is not just their advanced technology but their commitment to user-friendly designs. They have become a preferred choice for many individuals seeking reliable and accessible hearing solutions. Phonak’s diverse range of devices ensures that everyone, regardless of the complexity of their hearing loss, can find a tailored and effective solution to improve their hearing quality.

Widex Moment-Sheer RIC Hearing Aid


Widex has carved a niche for itself with its exceptional sound quality. Renowned for delivering natural and crystal-clear sound, Widex hearing aids provide users with an experience close to natural hearing. What sets Widex apart is its unwavering focus on research and development. This dedication allows them to consistently produce top-tier devices that not only enhance hearing but also improve the overall quality of life for the users. Widex’s commitment to sound excellence has made it a trusted choice for those who prioritize audio clarity and fidelity in their hearing aids.


Signia continues to excel in the hearing aid industry with its emphasis on comfort and discretion. Signia manufactures sleek and virtually invisible hearing aids, prioritizing user comfort and aesthetics. Signia hearing aids blend seamlessly into users’ lives, offering not only improved hearing but also a sense of confidence. Signia’s commitment to producing discreet and comfortable hearing aids has made them a popular choice for individuals seeking both effectiveness and subtlety in their hearing machines.

signia with bluetooth
Siemens Signia Intuis 3 Click Cic 12 Channels Instant Fit Hearing Aid Cic Pair Ear 1000x1000 1


Siemens boasts a rich legacy in producing reliable hearing aids. Siemens hearing aid devices are not only known for their durability but also for their effectiveness in addressing various hearing impairments. Siemens offers a diverse range of models tailored to different lifestyles and preferences, ensuring that users can find a comfortable and efficient solution for their unique needs. The brand’s long-standing reputation for producing dependable hearing aids has solidified its position as a trustworthy choice in the industry.


Oticon’s innovative approach is evident in its BrainHearing technology, which replicates the brain’s natural hearing processes. This unique feature reduces listening effort, offering users a more comfortable and natural listening experience. Oticon hearing aids are meticulously designed to prioritize ease of use and comfort, making them an excellent choice for individuals seeking advanced technology that seamlessly integrates into their daily lives.

oticon hearing aid
ReSound Linx Quattro


Resound stands at the forefront of connectivity, bridging the gap between hearing aids and modern technology. Resound hearing aids seamlessly connect to smartphones and other gadgets, enabling users to stream calls and music directly into their ears. This seamless integration appeals to tech-savvy individuals who seek a heightened hearing experience. Resound’s dedication to enhancing connectivity has transformed the way people perceive and utilize hearing aid devices, making them a good choice for those who value convenience and innovation.


Starkey Hearing Aid not only excels in the technological aspects but also stands out for its humanitarian efforts. Their commitment to providing hearing aids to individuals in need worldwide showcases their dedication to making a difference. Starkey’s hearing machines are built to endure and come equipped with advanced features such as noise reduction and speech enhancement, ensuring users receive optimal performance even in challenging environments. Their focus on improving lives through ear machines has established them as a socially responsible and technologically advanced brand.

Starkey Bluetooth enabled hearing device
unitron hearing aid


Unitron places a strong emphasis on personalized hearing solutions, acknowledging that each individual’s hearing needs are unique. Their range of customizable options ensures that users receive hearing devices tailored to their specific requirements. Unitron’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in their attention to detail and commitment to delivering personalized care. Unitron hearing aids have created a niche for itself in the market, appealing to those who value a bespoke approach to their hearing solutions.


Bernafon seamlessly combines innovation with affordability, making high-quality hearing aids accessible to a wider audience. Bernafon hearing aid devices are celebrated for their user-friendly features, ensuring that users can easily adapt to and make the most of their hearing aids. Bernafon’s focus on providing quality solutions at competitive prices has positioned them as a reliable choice for individuals seeking value without compromising on the performance of their hearing aids.

Bernafon Hearing Aid
ReSound 14 1024x846


With a rich history dating back to 1940, Beltone has earned esteem for its dedication to personalized care. They go above and beyond in tailoring their hearing machines to individual needs, ensuring that users receive a solution that perfectly fits their lifestyle and preferences. Beltone’s commitment to personalized care is reflected in its comprehensive approach to hearing solutions, making it a trusted choice for individuals who value individualized attention and a customized hearing experience.


Q1: How can I determine if I need a hearing aid?

If you are facing difficulty during conversations, frequently asking others to repeat themselves, or the need to increase TV volume then it could be a sign of hearing loss. If you experience these signs, it’s advisable to consult an expert audiologist for a comprehensive hearing assessment.

Q2: Are these hearing aid brands available throughout India?

Indeed, these top-tier hearing aid brands maintain a substantial presence in major Indian cities, often featuring authorized dealers and clinics where you can acquire fitting and servicing for your hearing aids.

Q3: What is the average cost of a hearing aid in India?

The cost of hearing aids can vary depending on the brand and the features you select. On average, hearing aids in India typically range from ₹18,500 to ₹7,09,990.

Q4: Do hearing aids require frequent maintenance?

Routine maintenance, including cleaning and battery replacement, is crucial for hearing aids’ longevity and optimal performance. Most brands provide maintenance services through their authorized dealers.

Q5: Can I purchase hearing aids online?

Yes, many of these brands have authorized online retailers. However, it is strongly recommended to consult with an audiologist for a proper evaluation and fitting to ensure the hearing aid is suitable for your specific needs.


Selecting the right hearing aid is an important decision, and it’s essential to consider your unique needs and preferences. The top 10 hearing aid brands in India, discussed in this article, offer various models, each suitable for different degrees of hearing loss. Whether you prioritize sound quality, connectivity, or affordability, there is undoubtedly a brand that perfectly aligns with your requirements. Take the time to consult audiologists, read user reviews, and test out various models to discover the ear machine that will enhance your hearing and improve your overall quality of life.

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