Accessories & Add-On Products for Widex Hearing Aids

Widex Hearing Aids and Accessories

Hearing Aids have transformed the lives of millions of individuals with hearing loss, enabling them to reconnect with the world of sound and communicate with ease. Widex, a leading hearing aid manufacturer, is known for its cutting-edge technology and commitment to providing high-quality hearing solutions. In addition to their advanced hearing aids, Widex offers a range of accessories and add-on products that enhance the overall hearing experience for hearing aid users. In this blog, we will explore some of the accessory and add-on products available for Widex hearing aids and how they can benefit users.

Widex DEX Accessories:

Widex DEX accessories are designed to improve the connectivity and versatility of Widex hearing aids. These accessories facilitate seamless communication with various audio devices, such as televisions, smartphones, and music players. Some popular Widex DEX accessories include:



widex accessories
Widex RC DEX

Widex RC DEX-

RC DEX is a stylish, compact, and user-friendly remote control that allows users to control the volume levels of their Widex hearing aids. It offers a long 1 year of battery life.

Widex Call DEX

Call DEX is an ultra-compact device used for streaming conversation directly from your mobile phone to your hearing aid. It could be connected to any smartphone with a 3.5 mm jack output. This powerful accessory allows you to stream non-stop for up to 80 hours.

Widex Call DEX


It is a hands-free communication device that streams high-quality sound to your hearing machines from any mobile phone. You get 8 hours of streaming time along with 8 days of standby. This stylish device comes with a comfortable fabric neck loop.

Remote MIC

Remote Mic proves itself to be a perfect add-on solution to COM-DEX to answer for difficult one-to-one situations where hearing speech clearly can be a challenge. With the help of Widex Remote Mic hear conversations close up, and in detail, even in crowded places. The mic gets charged within 3 hours and you are ready to use it for constant 8 hours.

Widex TV-DEX:

The TV-DEX is a small-sized, user-friendly wireless assistive listening device, built for enjoying TV with high-quality audio. It has a capacity of non-stop 10 hours and can be recharged using the TV base.



TV Play:

Besides, the DEX accessories Widex has also introduced a new TV Play. Widex TV Play comes with a new sharp look with exclusive kvadrat textile material and metallic rim and it fits naturally into a modern home and lifestyle.

It offers premium quality direct streaming from televisions to hearing aids through the dual antenna. It allows you to adjust advanced features with the help of the Widex Moment App and Widex Evoke App.

Widex PerfectDry Lux ZPower Recharger Dryer

Widex Cleaners and Dryers:

Charge N Clean for MRR2D/MRR4D- Charge N Clean helps you clean your Widex Moment hearing aids in excellent condition, without the hassle, with the cleaning charging station. Keeping your hearing aids clean and dry can help in improving their lifetime.

It not only charges your hearing aids but also dries & disinfects them with the use of UV-C LED treatment temperature stabilization.



Perfect Dry Lux- Perfect Dry Lux cleans and dries Widex hearing aids. It dries and sanitizes the hearing aids in just 45 minutes. Daily cleaning of hearing aids results in improved acoustic performance, better reliability, and better ear hygiene.

In Conclusion, Widex’s range of accessories and add-on products offers a comprehensive array of options to enhance the hearing experience for users of their hearing aids. From wireless streaming and hands-free phone calls to improved sound clarity in challenging environments, these accessories provide practical solutions for various hearing needs. If you are a Widex hearing aid user, consider exploring these accessory options to maximize the benefits of your hearing aids and further improve your communication and listening experiences. Always consult with your hearing care professional to determine which accessory or add-on product best suits your unique hearing requirements. With Widex’s innovative technology and these complementary products, individuals with hearing loss can enjoy a more enriched and connected life.

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