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Top 5 Digital Hearing Aids for Bluetooth Connectivity with Android/iOS

Digital Hearing Aids with Bluetooth

A digital hearing aid is a programmable device that helps people with hearing loss hear clearly. It makes sounds clear so that the person can listen, communicate and participate in daily activities. 

Bluetooth hearing aid uses Bluetooth technology to connect to other devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. It can be used to stream audio from these devices directly to the hearing aid, allowing the user to hear sound more clearly.

How does a Bluetooth hearing aid work?

Bluetooth hearing aids work by using a small wireless receiver to pick up sound signals from a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a smartphones. Then its transmitting them directly to the hearing aid. This allows the user to hear the sound without having to wear any extra devices or wires.

Cost of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

In India, the price of Bluetooth hearing aid starts at 29,999/- and goes up to 3,99,999/- depending on the features and brands. 

Compatibility & Connectivity with iOS/Android

There are a number of different Bluetooth hearing aids available that are compatible with Android smartphones. In addition, many of these Bluetooth hearing aids also come with built-in microphones, so you can use them as a hands-free way to make phone calls. There are a number of different options available from some of the most popular brands, including Phonak, Oticon, and Siemens.

Hearing aid for iOS

There are also a number of Bluetooth hearing aids that are compatible with iPhones. These hearing aids use a special chip that allows them to connect directly. This allows users to customize the way they hear sounds, while also reducing the need for earbuds. In addition, this connectivity can help to improve the sound quality of phone calls and streaming content, making it easier for users to enjoy their favorite audio content.

The Benefits of using Bluetooth Hearing aids

There are a number of benefits to using hearing aids with Bluetooth technology.

  • Bluetooth hearing aids can provide a more natural listening experience because it allows user to hear sound directly from the source.
  • People who use hearing aids in both ears, Bluetooth technology allows the hearing aids to communicate with one another and regulate sound appropriately, so user can hear more clearly.
  • Bluetooth hearing aids can also be used with a number of different devices, such as TVs, computers, and smartphones.
  • It is easy to personalise hearing aid from volume to sound frequency as per user needs.

Top 7 Bluetooth Hearing Aids

If you are searching for best Bluetooth hearing aids , Here are some top picks for you as per the customer review, company reputation, durability and sound quality.

Image Product Feature Price
Pure Signia
Signia Pure Charge & Go AX
16+ channels, acoustic-motion sensors, natural own voice, best speech understanding,Ultra HD e2e, Bluetooth connect See Pricing
Receiver In Canal Absolute Power RIC AP
Resound ONE
Rechargeable, microphone-and-receiver-in-ear (MRIE), tinnitus sound therapy,stream phone calls, music,Bluetooth connectivity, See Pricing
Phonak Audeo Paradise
Crisp natural sound, smart apps, Connects to smartphones, TV , noise cancelling,speech understanding,Bluetooth connectivity See Price
Receiver In Canal RIC
Approx 38 Hrs Battery Life, Rechargeable, Bluetooth audio streaming using app,Noise Cancellation, volume adjust See Pricing
Behind The Ear BTE
Oticon More
for mild-to-severe hearing loss, better styles, modern technology, bluetooth connectivity, iPhone and android compatibility, natural sound See Pricing
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