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Signia Hearing Aid Batteries

Long life and powerful performance make these batteries ideal for every lifestyle.

Tested rigorously – proven reliability: With Signia, you are buying an extremely powerful hearing aid battery. The constant voltage level guarantees optimum performance in every listening situation for every hearing aid.

Suitable for all hearing aids

Signia hearing aid batteries come in all sizes for every hearing aid.

Hearing aids need batteries which are reliable, safe, versatile and extremely powerful! 

  • Signia hearing aid batteries are high quality with long life, even in powerful instruments.
  • Signia batteries provide long running times at a constant voltage level and thus contribute to an optimum hearing aid performance.
  • Signia batteries are reliable and safe due to triple sealed high quality material e. g. stainless steel.
  • Signia batteries are environmentally friendly as they are 100% mercury free.

Signia battery packaging is easy to handle and keeps the batteries safe. 

  • Easy removal of cells with the innovative delivery wheel ensures only one battery is delivered at a time.
  • Maximum product protection thanks to the security seal.
  • Secure closure of the packet with lockable dispensing tab.
  • Clear color coding for instant recognition of your battery type.
  • Environmentally friendly

Phonak Hearing Aid Batteries

Types of batteries

There are several hearing aid battery types and sizes that are color-coded for easy identification.

Thin Foil Technology (TFT)

These batteries are the latest development in the market with a very high energy density, providing more capacity and a longer battery life compared to other well-established hearing aid batteries by up to 15%*. These batteries have been developed to support individuals who wear hearing aids meet modern-day challenges, and allow wearers to enjoy long conversations, hours of streaming, and everyday life. Ask your hearing care professional for Phonak private label batteries with this state-of-the art technology.

Mercury-Free Zinc Air

These environmentally friendly batteries use air as an energy source with a tab that seals the air holes. Once the tab is removed, it takes about two minutes before the battery is activated. If it’s not activated correctly, the battery could get damaged and won’t have the required voltage level to work properly. These batteries have a minimum shelf-life of two years, and when you’re ready to dispose of them, it’s recommended to recycle.
A variety of micro batteries are available at our hearing care professional network, please ask your provider to find the best and most convenient solution for you.

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Widex Hearing Aid Batteries

Types of batteries

All Widex devices run on zinc air batteries.  Our batteries are coded with a number and a color. Check your device instructions to find out which color you need.

  • Size 10: Yellow
  • Size 13: Orange
  • Size 312: Brown
  • Size 675: Blue


Keep your batteries sealed until you’re ready to use them. If you remove the label, they will start to lose power and be exhausted after 4 weeks or so, even if you don’t use your hearing aid at all during that period.

Store your batteries in a cool, dry place away from children and pets; batteries are dangerous if swallowed. And store your hearing aid with the battery door open to make sure it’s not using battery power when it’s not in your ear.

When it’s time to change to a new battery, remove the label and let the battery ‘breathe’ for 60 seconds before placing it in your hearing aid. Change your hearing aid battery in a flat, uncluttered place with a soft surface; a kitchen table with a tablecloth is ideal.

ReSound Hearing Aid Batteries

Types of batteries

All ReSound devices run on zinc air batteries.  Our batteries are coded with a number and a color. Check your device instructions to find out which color you need.

  • Size 10: Yellow
  • Size 13: Orange
  • Size 312: Brown
  • Size 675: Blue
Hearing Aid Battery

Starkey Hearing Aid Batteries

Types and sizes

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Oticon Hearing Aid Batteries

When is it time to change the battery?

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Typically, a battery will keep a hearing aid powered for three to ten days before it needs to be changed, depending on usage and the hearing aid style. You may hear a few short beeps when it is time to change the battery. This pre-warning will be repeated at moderate intervals until the battery runs out. You may hear four beeps; this will be the last warning before the hearing aid turns off. This may happen shortly after the pre-warning or within the next couple of hours. Once you have inserted a fresh battery, the hearing aid will start up as soon as the battery door is closed. A jingle plays during start-up. Put the hearing aid on immediately, as it might whistle when held in the hand. When not in use, turn your hearing aid off by opening the battery drawer. This way you save the battery.

Note: A worn-out battery should be removed immediately and disposed of according to local regulations. Remember that batteries and hearing aids should be kept out of reach of children and pets.

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Racha King
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vivek kadiyan
Very supportive and professional staff. Special thanks to Mr. Roshan assisting me in choosing correct hearing aids for my mother.
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Sparsh Mehta
Probably the best in business. They have very professional and trained audiologists. Most importantly they are just a call away. After sale service is awesome.
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Sanchit Jain
Prompt service by the team.
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Mukesh Yadav
Good service and Kindly nature. Fully satisfied
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T he agency promptly attends to its clients and even pay visits to home, to dicuss and provide solutions to any query of the clients.We have received a very favourable treatment in our interaction with the Company.
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