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Ear Solutions is an authorised service partner of leading trusted hearing aid brands like Horizon, Widex, Phonak, Signia, Starkey and ReSound.

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Horizon Hearing Aid Machine

Any person’s quality of life can be heavily impacted by hearing loss, which makes it challenging to communicate and participate in daily activities. But surprising solutions have emerged as a result of technological breakthroughs; one such invention is the Horizon Hearing Aid. This impactful hearing aid device has become well-known for its capacity to improve hearing and offer a greater listening experience. Let’s examine the features and Advantages of the Horizon Hearing Aid.

The Horizon Hearing Aid Device is made to meet the various demands of those who have hearing loss. Its cutting-edge technology, comfortable design, and user-friendly features deliver great performance.
The Horizon Hearing Aid delivers comfort and style, enabling users to wear it confidently.

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With 75+ Clinics across the nation and 100+ Certified Audiologist network, Ear Solutions can help you get the best hearing experience.

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Horizon Hearing Aid Price in India

The Horizon Hearing Aid Price in India starts with INR 24,999 and goes up to INR 6,99,999. You can prefer Ear Solutions for the best digital hearing aids as we also offer hearing aid price comparison chart for better services of our customers. The price of Horizon hearing aids can vary widely, depending on the features and technology of the device. Some of the latest features on hearing aids include Invisible, Rechargeable, Bluetooth Connectivity, Charging on the go, Ready wear like earbuds, natural sound quality, automated noise cancellation, augmented experience etc. Our latest technology includes ai hearing aids for our customers.  We also offer German hearing aids named Horizon as well as Denmark hearing aids named Phonak.

Why Choose Ear Solutions as a Hearing aids consultant:

  • Get a free hearing test & consultation from our experienced Hearing aid Specialist.
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  • Free Home Visits available for senior citizen
  • With over 75+ Hearing Aid Clinics located across all major cities in India, we are never too far from where you need us.
  • Benefit from our more than 10 years of experience In Hearing Aid technology
  • Get trial with different ear machine brands, certified quality hearing aid products and excellent technical & personal support. 
  • Authorised Diamond partner  of Phonak & Horizon Hearing Aid Brand
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Various type of Horizon Hearing Aid available. Talk to our hearing aid expert. Choose from different hearing aid models & visit our hearing aids center in India.

  • ⚡Unbeatable Price Guarantee
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Horizon Hearing Aids

With Upto 4 years of Warranty
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Dual Processor Technology

Horizon AX works more effectively in difficult hearing situations. You don’t have to worry about better communication with the Horizon AX Hearing Aid even if you’re in a busy or noisy environment. With the use of two separate processors, this state-of-art sound processing technology significantly enhances the contrast between speech and background noise. As a result, Horizon Hearing Aids greatly improves your ability to hear natural sounds.

Dual Processor Technology
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Bluetooth Connectivity makes hearing much easier

Horizon Hearing Aid is a combination of sleek, modern, and nearly invisible design with extraordinary features and unmatched power to produce an unrivaled listening experience. Horizon is more than simply a hearing aid; it makes sure that you can access all of life’s experiences.

With wireless connectivity, users can effortlessly stream phone calls and other audio from their smartphones, televisions, and other compatible devices directly to their hearing aids. With the use of this function, technology may be easily incorporated into daily activities, allowing users to listen to phone calls, music, podcasts, and other audio content with remarkable clarity and convenience.

Invisible. Rechargeable. Modern Horizon Hearing Aids

3 Simple Step for Better Hearing

Pick Your Ideal Fit

Your unique style should be reflected in how you use a hearing aid. There is a Horizon Hearing Aid that was specifically created for you, whether you like a hearing aid that is more subtle or a little more flashy, you get it with Horizon.

Horizon Go AX Hearing Aid

The Horizon Go AX Hearing Aid is one of the most popular hearing aids for remaining connected while traveling since it has rechargeable batteries that may last all day. Thanks to its cutting-edge AX platform technology, the Horizon Go Hearing Aid easily overcomes even the most challenging hearing settings.

Horizon Go AX uses two different sound processors to distinguish between speech and background noise. This means that background noise will remain in the background and that you will be able to understand the conversation better while the environment around you sounds more natural.

Horizon Go AX offers many advanced features, including rechargeability feature, Bluetooth connectivity, Panorama Mode for a 360-degree sound experience, Relax Mode, and Speech Focus. People with medium to severe hearing loss can use this hearing aid.

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Horizon Mini X Hearing Aid

The Horizon Mini X Hearing Aid is one of the best and tiniest hearing aid available for people with slight hearing loss, and it entirely vanishes within your ear. With its X technology base, the Mini packs a powerful punch and offers the clearest sound available.

You may connect your smartphone for secret modifications, use Speech Focus or Relax Mode, and benefit from acoustic motion sensors that adapt to your surroundings and an almost inconspicuous fit.

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Racha King
Racha King
We bought a hearing machine from here and were told, the machine has to be modified (volume and frequency) from time to time. They were very kind, sending the concern person at home to make it convenient. My mother is very happy with them showing up at home after scheduling an appointment. They are literally just a phone call away. Dear Miss Akansha Singhal Please accept our sincere gratitude and love for handling everything so well. You are a very soft spoken and my mother loved speaking to you directly without any hesitations. Good Luck and God Bless you 😊
vivek kadiyan
vivek kadiyan
Very supportive and professional staff. Special thanks to Mr. Roshan assisting me in choosing correct hearing aids for my mother.
Sparsh Mehta
Sparsh Mehta
Probably the best in business. They have very professional and trained audiologists. Most importantly they are just a call away. After sale service is awesome.
Sanchit Jain
Sanchit Jain
Prompt service by the team.
Mukesh Yadav
Mukesh Yadav
Good service and Kindly nature. Fully satisfied
Pk Mehrotra
Pk Mehrotra
T he agency promptly attends to its clients and even pay visits to home, to dicuss and provide solutions to any query of the clients.We have received a very favourable treatment in our interaction with the Company.
Kanchan Lata
Kanchan Lata
My problem solved in 24 hours
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Horizon Hearing Aid Machine:

Hearing Aids, also known as Ear Machines or Hearing Machines, are incredible devices that enable individuals with hearing loss to listen, speak and interact more confidently in both quiet and noisy environments. These wireless devices are worn behind the ear and amplify certain sounds. Hearing Aids come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit different needs, such as the Behind-The-Ear (BTE) Hearing Aid, Completely-In-Canal (CIC) Hearing Aid, and In-The-Canal (ITC) Hearing Aid. With features like clear natural sound, outstanding speech recognition, and personalized noise-cancelling technology with tap sensors, Hearing Aids make a world.

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