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Ear Solutions is a diamond partner for Signia, the most reputable manufacturer of Hearing Aids.

Signia Pure 312 AX is a small hearing aid that fits perfectly behind your ears, giving you amazing sound quality with precise speech comprehension.

Pure 312 AX comes with the revolutionary Augmented Xperience technology that provides you with the best hearing experience in every acoustic situation. You get to hear proper speech comprehension while ignoring noisy background sounds.

This RIC (receiver-in-canal) device is tiny but has brilliant features that make your hearing much more enjoyable and comfortable.

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Augment your hearing

The splendid Bluetooth connectivity feature helps you connect your hearing aid device to your smartphone. You can stream your phone calls, music, and TV audio easily with your hearing aid without any interruption. You also get premium AI digital assistance.
You can easily control the volume of your hearing aid with the help of the Signia App.

The Signia Pure 312 AX is powered by removable batteries that can support up to 4 days of usage. This means you don’t need to charge your hearing aid for 4 days, and when the battery gets drained, you can simply change the battery and be ready to use it in just a few minutes.

Key features:

Connectivity and app control

You can use the Signia App to get TeleCare Support and Signia Assistant’s consulting services. You may take advantage of artificial intelligence with the Signia App, which offers you immediate assistance anytime and wherever you need to change the settings.

Prescription audio that performs

Signia Pure 312 AX offers state-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity for iOS and Android devices. You can easily stream music and TV audio straight to your tiny hearing aids in high-quality sound.

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AI powered personal sound

The AI-powered personal sound is modeled after how the neural network in the human brain solves problems, and the Signia Assistant provides rapid assistance if you need to make any settings adjustments at any time.

The Signia Assistant’s live deep neural network AI represents a revolution in hearing care. It is a dynamic system that continuously learns about your unique requirements in particular circumstances. Since the Signia Assistant improves their satisfaction with their hearing aids in challenging listening conditions, 93% of hearing aid users believe it to be a significant breakthrough. The majority of users—87%—would pick hearing aids with such AI assistance.

Easy to connect with hearing professional

You have the advantage of getting in touch with your hearing care specialist whenever you require remote support thanks to the Signia App.

Extra support on the spot

With Signia TeleCare, you have the advantage of staying in touch with your audiologist so you can obtain assistance when you need it.

Be Brilliant in any situation.

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Available colors:

Pure 312 AX

The Signia Pure 312 AX hearing aids include all the high-tech capabilities you require, including Bluetooth streaming for music and phone calls from Android3 and iOS devices, as well as cutting-edge tinnitus therapies to improve the comfort of your tinnitus-related life.

Black, graphite, dark champagne, silver, pearl white, fine gold, deep brown, sandy brown, rose gold, and beige is the color options available with Pure 312 AX.

Depending on the model you select, The Signia Pure 312 AX price range varies. The price range starts at Rs. 46,990 and goes up to Rs. 3,14,990.

Signia Pure 312 AX Review

Reviews of the Signia Pure 312 AX demonstrate its superiority; according to a recent survey, 95% of users were satisfied with the augmented experience and their hearing.

The all-new Signia Pure 312 AX hearing aid comes with lots of features, including an upgraded eWindscreen, and the AX soundscape processing has also been improved. Pure 312 AX fits discreetly behind your ears without anyone noticing it.

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