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Ear Solutions is a diamond partner for Signia, the most reputable manufacturer of Hearing Aids.

Signia Pure 312 X satisfies you with the brilliance of Signia Xperience, which guarantees crystal-clear hearing even in noisy surroundings. With the help of Signia Xperience, you can hear all those sounds, which makes hearing enjoyable. Every sound present in nature can be heard with the help of Signia 312 x. Not only this, but you can be an active part of any conversation.

With Signia Pure 312x, hearing loss is no longer a concern, as everything sounds natural because you hear it at a precise volume. Also, you get to know from which direction each sound is coming.

Just as nature intended.

The Design of a Modern Lifestyle

The Pure 312X is a compact hearing aid that fits your ears well and provides a positive user experience. Unique metallic colours and a fantastic finish with clean lines have been added to offer the device a contemporary appearance that fits the high-end audio quality.

The Pure 312 X is a RIC (receiver-in-canal) device that delivers sound directly to the ear canal while gently fitting inside the ear.

The design of the device is so small that it’s nearly impossible for someone to notice it behind the ear.

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Advantages of personalized hearing along with direct streaming

The Pure 312 X from Signia comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which ensures unbreakable streaming of phone calls, music, and high-quality TV audio. With Bluetooth connectivity, the sound directly reaches the ear without any kind of delay.

With Pure 312 X, you won’t miss a thing when it comes to keeping up with friends or coworkers, listening to your favourite music, or keeping up with the newest films and TV shows. In any environment, you can impactfully be a part of a conversation, ignoring all the background noises.

You may control your hearing aid whenever you want thanks to the remarkable Signia App, which is also connected to Bluetooth. With the help of the all new Signia app, you can also manage the volume of your hearing aid.

You also get the benefit of the best consultancy from hearing care assistance, all thanks to the Signia app. You can simply click the Signia app to access it without leaving your current location.

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One of the disadvantages of the Signia Pure 312x is that it does not come with the rechargeability feature, but Signia has made up for it with a lengthy battery life that ensures excellent sound and better performance. Additionally, you can easily swap out the battery in a matter of seconds whenever it runs out of power.

To experience the incredible Pure 312 X from Signia, simply contact your nearest hearing care professional by using our convenient Store Locator.

Available colors:

Pure 312 X

The price of the Signia Pure 312 X varies on the basis of several factors, such as the specific features and technology level of the model. Pure 312 X comes with five products with different numbers of channels.

Pure 312 1x and pure 312 2x have 16 channels, pure 312 3x have 24 channels, pure 312 5x have 32 channels, and pure 312 7x have 48 channels. In addition, the fitting level for each model ranges from 10 to 115 dB.

Signia Pure 312 X Price

The pricing of the Signia Pure 312 X starts at Rs. 38,990 and goes up to Rs. 2,99,990 for a single piece.

Pure 312 X Review

The powerful Pure 312 X device is equipped with all the benefits of the Signia Xperience platform, providing better sound quality in every acoustic situation.
Despite its discreet form, the Pure 312 X provides fully-featured Bluetooth connectivity for maximum enjoyment of TV, music, and calls.An integrated T-coil is also available.
Besides the impactful features, the Pure 312 X attracts with its elegantly slim design and perfect fitting. With the help of the various colour options available with this gadget, the design of the 312X is much improved.
Signia Pure 312 x offers you 10 different hues: black, granite, grey, silver, beige, pearl white, sandy brown, dark champagne, deep brown and rose gold.

All your options for fitting, charging, streaming, remote control and addressing single-sided hearing loss

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