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Ear Solutions is a diamond partner for Signia, the most reputable manufacturer of Hearing Aids.

Signia Pure Charge & Go X enables you to perceive sound in its purest form in any acoustic environment. Any conversation can now take place without worrying about background noise. Pure C&G X allows for the audibility of every fine sound.

Signia Pure Charge and Go X is one of the best hearing aid machine which comes with many mind-blowing features. The hearing aid kit provides you with a pocket-sized charging case that can be carried anywhere. Whenever you are in need, you can charge your hearing aid instantly. Pure C&G X eliminates the process of changing the battery; you can simply charge and go.

Pure Charge and Go X hearing aids understand your personal hearing environment very well and then deliver precise sounds to your ears. This advantage is possible through the iconic acoustic-motion sensor technology.

We call this hearing aid technology Signia Xperience

Hearing becomes more enjoyable and crystal clear with the brilliance of Signia Xperience. You can be an active part of every conversation.

The Signia Xperience’s brilliance makes hearing more pleasant and crystal clear. Every conversation allows you to participate actively. Now you won’t miss hearing anything important to you.

Easily recharged and fully connected

Signia pure charge&go x is a rechargeable RIC (receiver-in-canal) that is very easy to charge. It comes with a compact charger that can be carried anywhere in a bag. Whenever you feel the need to charge the hearing aid, just relax for a bit and let the fast charging feature do its work. When you need it most, the fast charging capability offers you a sudden boost of power to keep going.

This charging technology has eliminated the old-school pattern of battery changing and made the charging process much easier for the hearing aid user.

In addition, Pure Charge&Go X features:

Bluetooth connectivity is one of the Signia Pure C&G X’s many beneficial features. It enables you to stream TV, music, and phone calls straight to your ears. In addition, you may effortlessly control your hearing aids using the Signia app on your smartphone. You also have the advantage of connecting with hear care professionals through the app.

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It’s time for you to experience the ultimate rechargeable hearing aids. Simply Charge&Go!

Discover the astounding Pure Charge&Go X from Signia by contacting your nearest hearing care professional via our convenient Store Locator.

Available colors:

Pure Charge&Go X

Signia Pure Charge and Go X offers all the Signia Xperience advantages that enhance the user’s enjoyment of hearing. An internal Li-ion rechargeable battery powers Pure C&G X.

The battery capacity of pure c&g x is 20% extra which offers complete freedom and convenience for greater wearer happiness, with high-quality sound streaming for music, phone calls, and TV.  All in a remarkably small design.

Colors available in Pure Charge&Go X models are: black, granite, grey, silver, beige, pearl white, sandy brown, deep brown, dark champagne, and rose gold.

Pure Charge and Go X Price

These incredible features are all available at very reasonable prices. There are five types available, each with a different number of channels. Signia Pure Charge and Go 1X and Signia Pure Charge and Go 2X have 16 channels, Signia Pure Charge and Go 3X have 24 channels, Signia Pure Charge and Go 5X have 32 channels, and Signia Pure Charge and Go 7X have 48 channels.

The clarity of hearing improves with the number of channels. The price of the hearing aid differs according to the model that is suitable for you.

Signia’s pure charge & go price starts at Rs. 44,990 per unit and goes up to Rs. 3,31,990 per unit.

All your options for fitting, charging, streaming, remote control and addressing single-sided hearing loss

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