Signia Pure Hearing Aids

Signia Pure comes with a wide range of hearing aids. Each product offers various features that help you stay connected with your surroundings.Low and high-pitched sounds could be audible with the help of Signia Pure hearing aids, so you never miss what you need to hear.

The Signia Pure Series is suitable for customers with mild to severe hearing loss. You can choose from three different receivers, whichever you want. The form factor of the Signia Pure series is RIC (receiver-in-canal), which is a perfect option for first-time hearing aid users.

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The advantages of Signia Pure are that it is a rechargeable hearing aid and that the receiver fits perfectly in the ear canal. For charging the hearing aid, you just have to plug your device into the eCharger overnight, and in the morning, your device is ready to use.

It also comes with an electrical drying function.

Signia Pure hearing aids help you listen in HD without any problem. Now there’s no need to buy a separate remote control for controlling the sound; you can simply control everything from your smartphone through the Touch Control app for hearing aids. Volume, hearing program, and listening environment can be managed easily.

The Signia Pure series comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to take calls and listen to music uninterruptedly.

Signia Pure C&G AX consists of revolutionary augmented xperience, which totally changes your hearing experience. It gives you the advantage of listening much clearer, along with better speech comprehension. You don’t need to strain to hear speech, even in immense background noise, which leads to uninterrupted conversations.

Along with better hearing, you get high-tech features that make using hearing aids much easier.

Pure Charge & Go Ax comes with various brilliant features, including an auto-echo shield that helps you ignore the echoes. It also offers its own voice processing 2.0, which preserves the familiar sound of the hearing aid wearer’s natural voice.

Recharge on-the-go is also available with Pure C&G AX. You can charge your hearing aid anytime and anywhere.

Signia Pure C&G AX’s price range starts at Rs. 63,990 per piece and goes up to Rs. 3,61,990 per piece, totally depending on the model you choose. Each AX model has some different features, and according to those, the prices are fixed.

Pure Charge and Go X is one of the best hearing aid device and comes with many mind-blowing features. It comes with a compact charger that can be carried in a bag anywhere. Whenever you feel the need to charge the hearing aid, just relax for a moment and let the fast charging feature do its work. Pure C&G X eliminates the process of battery change; you can simply charge and go.

Pure Charge and Go X hearing aids understand your personal hearing environment very well and then deliver precise sound to your ears. This advantage is possible through the iconic acoustic-motion sensor technology.

With the help of Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream your phone calls, TV sounds, and music directly to your ears. You can adjust sound via the new Signia app on your smartphone.

All these mind-blowing features are offered at very decent prices. Signia’s pure charge & go price starts at Rs. 44,990 per unit and goes up to Rs. 3,31,990 per unit.

The all-new Signia Pure 312 AX comes with upgraded eWindscreen, and AX soundscape processing has also been improved. The size of the Pure 312 AX is so tiny that it fits discreetly behind your ears.

You get better hearing even if you are in a crowded or noisy environment. Pure 312 AX makes your conversation much smoother than before. Signia Pure 312 AX reviews are also overwhelming, as 95% of the respondents reported being satisfied with it.

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your device with your smartphone, and you can easily control the sound with its help. Pure 312 AX are powered by batteries that can support up to 4 days of usage.

The Signia Pure 312 AX price range starts at Rs. 46,990 and goes up to Rs. 3,14,990.

Pure Charge Go AX Graphite Standard Charger 1920x1080 1024x576

Sleek, rechargeable all-rounder, packed with high-tech features

Inductive Charger II Pure Charge Go X 1920x1080

The versatile rechargeable hearing aids

Pure 312 X Silver Hero Pair 1920x1080

Small hearing aids for personalized hearing with direct streaming

Signia Wave Pattern Pure 10 Nx 1920x1080

Better hearing made completely discreet and simple.

The tiny Pure™ 10 from Signia gives you the confidence of hearing a more natural sound without any hassle.

Signia Wave Pattern Pure 13 Nx 1920x1080

Strong performers for a natural sounding own voice and the longest streaming time.

With Signia’s Pure™ 13 you can enjoy the most natural sound experience along with superior connectivity and the longest wearing time while audio streaming from your smartphone and TV.

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