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How hearing aids work & After care services explained

Hearing aids work by enhancing the sounds around you to make them louder and clearer. And modern digital hearing aids are designed to identify and amplify speech rather than background noise.So with the right advice and prescription most people find they can hear well again in most if not all situations. Hearing aids are programmed […]

Tinnitus : Symptoms, diagnosis & its technical solution

Our world is alive with sound. Laughter, unforgettable melodies, waves breaking on the shore – all these sounds enrich our lives and are literally music to our ears, lifting our mood. However, what happens when one sound suddenly takes control? When tinnitus calls the tune: Tinnitus is noise that originates from within the ear and […]

Speech Therapy

Misarticulation Speech therapy for: delayed speech misarticulation stammering autism voice problem neurological speech problem Stammering Clients can avail Speech Easy (Anti Stammering Device) offered by us at competitive prices. These devices help children and adults to overcome stammering. Our top quality anti stammering device has transformed many people who have this problem. Aphasia Acute aphasia […]

Hearing loss and deafness, not the same


It is important to distinguish between hearing loss and deafness, as hearing loss is categorised into various levels a while deafness is inability to detect sound. Hearing loss is the reduced ability to hear sounds, deafness is the complete loss of understanding speech even with the help of amplification device. Hearing loss categorisation Mild loss […]

Importance of Acclimatization for Hearing Aid Users


It’s Time to Take the Next Steps It was estimated that hearing loss is most frequent disability, affecting more than 250 million people in the world. The impact of hearing disability is seen on emotional and behavioral wellbeing, social participation, quality of day to day life and employment status. The impact of hearing loss on […]

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