Innovative Features of Signia Active Pro: A Closer Look

Signia Active Pro


Hearing loss hinders one’s ability to communicate effectively and enjoy various aspects of life. Thankfully, the advanced hearing aid machines offer enhanced hearing experiences and improved quality of life. One such innovative and revolutionary solution is the Signia Active Pro hearing aid, a product designed to cater to the diverse needs of individuals with hearing impairments.

Understanding Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid

Signia is a leading name in the hearing aid industry that introduced the Signia Active Pro hearing aid as a versatile and discreet solution for individuals looking for high-quality hearing assistance. This cutting-edge hearing device combines advanced technology, comfort, and style to provide users with a seamless hearing experience.

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What does Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid offer?

Discreet Design: Signia Active Pro hearing aids are designed to be nearly invisible when worn, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of improved hearing without drawing unnecessary attention.


Bluetooth Connectivity: These hearing aids are equipped with Bluetooth technology, enabling seamless connectivity with smartphones, tablets, and other compatible devices. Users can stream phone calls, music, and other audio directly to their hearing aids, enhancing their listening experience.


Rechargeable Batteries: Signia Active Pro hearing aids come with rechargeable batteries, eliminating the hassle of frequently replacing disposable batteries. This eco-friendly feature ensures convenience and long-term cost savings for users.

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Speech Enhancement:
The advanced signal processing technology in Signia Active Pro hearing aids focuses on enhancing speech clarity, making it easier for users to understand conversations in various environments, including noisy ones.


Personalized Settings: These hearing aids are customizable to suit individual preferences and hearing needs. Users can adjust volume levels and program settings through a user-friendly mobile app, allowing for a personalized and comfortable listening experience.


Directional Microphones: Signia Active Pro hearing aids are equipped with directional microphones that can focus on specific sound sources, helping users concentrate on conversations even in crowded or noisy settings.


Tinnitus Therapy: For individuals experiencing tinnitus, Signia Active Pro hearing aids offer tinnitus therapy features that can provide relief by masking the ringing or buzzing sounds associated with this condition.

Benefits of Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid

Improved Quality of Life: By enhancing hearing abilities, Signia Active Pro hearing aids contribute significantly to an improved quality of life, allowing users to engage more actively in social activities and conversations.


Enhanced Communication: Clearer and more natural sound processing helps users communicate effectively, fostering better relationships and reducing misunderstandings.


Increased Confidence: The discreet design and advanced features of Signia Active Pro hearing aids boost users’ confidence, enabling them to participate confidently in various situations.


Convenience: Rechargeable batteries and wireless connectivity make Signia Active Pro hearing aids convenient and easy to use, eliminating the hassle associated with traditional hearing aids.

Some of the best features of Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid

Remote Services: Remote services in Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid refer to the ability to receive personalized adjustments and support from hearing care professionals without the need for in-person visits. Through remote services, users can have their hearing aids fine-tuned and optimized via a secure online connection. This feature ensures that users can experience continuous improvements in their hearing aid settings, tailored to their specific needs, without the inconvenience of frequent clinic visits.


Acclimatization Manager: The Acclimatization Manager is a sophisticated feature that helps users gradually adjust to their new hearing aids. When individuals first start using hearing aids, the amplified sounds may initially feel overwhelming. The Acclimatization Manager gradually increases the amplification over time, allowing users to adapt comfortably to the new sounds without feeling overwhelmed. This gradual adjustment enhances the overall user experience, ensuring a smooth transition to wearing hearing aids.


Signia App: The Signia App is a powerful tool that complements the Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid. It allows users to control and personalize their hearing experience directly from their smartphones. Through the app, users can adjust the volume, change hearing aid programs, and access various features effortlessly. Additionally, the app provides valuable insights into the usage patterns and hearing aid performance, empowering users to make informed decisions about their hearing health.


Feedback Cancellation: Feedback cancellation is a crucial feature that eliminates unwanted whistling or squealing sounds (feedback) that can occur with hearing aids. Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid utilizes advanced feedback cancellation algorithms to suppress these noises, ensuring a clear and comfortable listening experience. This feature is particularly useful in environments where background noise is prevalent, allowing users to focus on conversations without distraction.


Speech and Noise Management: Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid incorporates intelligent speech and noise management algorithms. These algorithms distinguish between speech and background noise, automatically prioritizing speech sounds while reducing unwanted noise. By enhancing speech clarity and minimizing distractions from noisy environments, users can enjoy more meaningful conversations and improved communication in various settings.


Motion Sensor: The motion sensor feature in Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid detects the wearer’s movements and adjusts the hearing aid settings accordingly. For example, when the user is walking or running, the hearing aids may adapt to reduce wind noise, ensuring a clear listening experience. This adaptive functionality enhances user comfort and ensures optimal performance, regardless of the wearer’s activities.

Own Voice Processing: Own Voice Processing is a unique technology that addresses a common concern among new hearing aid users: the perception of their own voice being unnatural or too loud. Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid incorporates Own Voice Processing technology, which distinguishes between the wearer’s voice and external sounds. By ensuring a natural and comfortable perception of one’s own voice, users are more likely to wear their hearing aids consistently, leading to better outcomes in the long run.


Extended Dynamic Range: The extended dynamic range feature in Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid allows users to perceive a wide range of sounds, from whispers to loud noises, with clarity and precision. This broad dynamic range ensures that users can enjoy a rich auditory experience, capturing both subtle nuances and loud sounds without distortion. As a result, wearers can engage in conversations, enjoy music, and experience the sounds of their surroundings more fully.

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Price of Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid

The Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid combines innovative features that make this device a good choice for individuals dealing with hearing impairment. The price of Signia Active Pro hearing aid in India is INR 1,49,990.


Signia Active Pro hearing aids represent a remarkable advancement in the field of hearing assistive technology. By combining cutting-edge features with user-friendly design, Signia has created a product that not only improves hearing but also enhances the overall quality of life for individuals with hearing impairment. As technology continues to evolve, these innovative solutions pave the way for a future where hearing loss no longer limits one’s ability to fully engage in the world around them.

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