Maintenance of Hearing Aids: Tips and Tricks for longer Productivity

Maintenance of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are important assets for those people who suffer from hearing loss but they require maintenance to ensure good performance and longer life for hearing aids. Regular care and maintenance can help to extend the lifespan of hearing aids and prevent malfunctions. Here are some tips to maintain hearing aids:

Change the batteries regularly

Most hearing aids use batteries that need to be changed every few days to a week. Make sure you have a fresh set of batteries on hand and change them regularly. Leaving dead batteries in hearing aids can cause corrosion, which can damage the device.

Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures

High temperatures can cause hearing aids to malfunction, so avoid leaving them in hot cars or near heat sources. Similarly, extreme cold can also damage hearing aids. If you’re going to be in a cold environment, consider using a protective cover or insulated pouch to keep your hearing aids warm.

Keep your ears clean

Keep your eyes clean to prevent excessive earwax buildup. Too much earwax can cause hearing aids to malfunction. You can use a damp cloth or cotton swab to clean around the outside of your ears, but never insert anything into your ear canal.

Get regular check-ups and maintenance appointments with your audiologist or hearing healthcare professional. They can clean and inspect your hearing aids and make any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance.

By following these tips, you can maintain your hearing aids and ensure that they provide optimal performance and longevity. If you have any questions or concerns about maintaining your hearing aids, don’t hesitate to contact your audiologist or hearing healthcare professional.

Advantages of Hearing Aids in our daily life

Ease in listening environments

Ability to tune out different sounds like computer noise, clock ticking, refrigerators and footsteps will improve as your brain adjust to hearing these soft sounds.

Less interference from a moderate amount of background noise. Loud background noise is still going to create a difficult listening situation, even with hearing aids. Choosing hearing aids with dual microphones is very important if this situation causes most of your struggle with hearing.

You may improve communication in noisy listening situations, such as at a restaurant or in a large group of people.

Quality of life and Health

Physical and mental stress is lower and hearing aid users experience better sleep than non-users. Scientific studies have found that the use of hearing aids reduces cognitive decline and the risk of developing dementia. Wearing hearing aids helps protect your brain. Untreated hearing loss increases the risk and the degree of distress, depression, somatization and loneliness and becoming dependent on others.

Social life and work life

Hearing aid users state that the use of hearing aids gives a better social life with improved family relations and personal relationships. Hearing aid users also state that hearing aids are helpful on the job. Furthermore, the use of hearing aids also has a positive impact on employment and earnings. People who use hearing aids are less unemployed and earn more than hard of hearing people who do not use hearing aids.

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