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Hear Clear in every situation

Signia Motion Charge and Go X takes your performance to the next level.

To assure that you are aware of everything going on around you as you move through your day, Motion Charge&Go X consists of cutting-edge sensor technology that even detects if you are moving or not.
Motion X by Signia also offers you Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to stream your music and phone call directly to your ears.
You also get the rechargeability advantage with the motion x hearing aids.

61 hours of usage on a single charge

You also get the rechargeability advantage with the motion x hearing aids. Eliminate the old-school pattern of regular battery replacements, the new modern motion x is rechargeable, supplying an incredible 61 hours of use on a single charge!

You can charge your hearing aid very conveniently using a charging case.

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Key features:

A stunning design with a stealth fit

Motion X comes with a sleek design that delivers a discreet fit. You also receive Super abilities with Outstanding features.

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Brilliant sound

Motion X gives you the benefit of the Signia Xperience sound platform that provides you with high-definition audio quality. You get the ability to hear more clearly and understand conversation better in every environment.

Enhanced speech understanding

You can cut through background noise and hear voices coming from any direction. Even in crowded places, it helps to keep your conversation uninterrupted. So, that you hear what matters to you.

Automatic Situation Detection

Motion X hearing aids come with many overwhelming features that make your hearing both easy and enjoyable.

The innovative acoustic-motion sensors can handle any difficulty as you go about your day since they are masters of every circumstance.

Your ideal connection

With the powerful Bluetooth connectivity that comes with Motion X hearing aids, you can stream uninterrupted phone calls, TV, music, and much more to your ears. State-of-the-art Bluetooth streaming makes your streaming much more enjoyable and intelligible.

Additionally, you may quickly adjust the hearing aid volume using the Signia App on your phone.

Connectivity and app control

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AI powered personal sound

The revolutionary Signia Assistant in the Signia app lets you optimize the sound for you personally in real-life situations.

The hearing professional in your pocket

The Signia App also allows you to contact your hearing professional via your smartphone anytime and anywhere you need distant support.

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Make the best decision possible

Everybody has varied hearing demands, hence Motion X is available in a variety of models to accommodate various levels of hearing loss, from extremely little to fully equipped with Super Power to combat profound hearing loss:

Signia Motion C&G X

The compact, rechargeable Signia Motion C&G X BTE (behind-the-ear) device is incredibly user-friendly and cozy to wear. It comes with the power of Bluetooth connectivity which helps you in uninterrupted streaming of phone calls and music. Also, Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect with the Signia App which allows you to contact your hearing care professional anytime and anywhere.

Additionally, it has a rechargeable feature that enables you to charge it once and use it for a full day.

Signia Motion C&G P X

Motion C&G P X is a powerful rechargeable hearing solution for every acoustic situation. The rechargeability feature eliminates the process of battery replacements.

It comes with a compact design along with the capability of Bluetooth and the Signia App, which ensure that you put your all into every activity you do throughout the day.

Signia Motion C&G SP X

This ground-breaking device comes with amazing features with remarkable power. With Bluetooth you can stream your phone calls, music, and TV directly to your ears.

The rechargeability feature allows you to charge your hearing aid whenever you want with the help of a portable charger, and the Signia Assistant provides you assistance anytime. Motion Charge and Go SP X is the total package for anyone with severe to profound hearing loss.

All models come with a compact charger with the option to upgrade to a Dry&Clean charger.

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The innovative Signia Motion X range of sleek, modern, rechargeable devices stands up to any challenge to let you
Be Brilliant – all day, every day.

Motion Charge&Go X

The new Motion Charge&Go X, which is comparable in size to a 312-device, is the perfect BTE since it combines a small design with rechargeability, Bluetooth, and the Signia Assistant feature. For individuals looking for convenience and robustness all in one, it is flexible to fit, simple to use, and comfortable to wear.

Signia Motion X Price varies according to the model which is suitable for your hearing. The price of motion x starts at Rs. 56,990 per unit and goes up to Rs. 3,16,990 per unit.

Available colors:

Up to 61 hours of use on a single charge

No more annoying battery changes: these modern all-rounders are rechargeable, delivering up to a whopping 61 hours of use on a single charge!

EarWear 3.0

The all-new ThinTube 3.0, Eartips 3.0, miniReceiver 3.0, and Sleeves 3.0 are designed for giving you the comfort and security you need in your ears.

The tube or wire connecting the hearing aids behind your ear with your ear canal has been bent differently and is now positioned inside your ear canal. The size has been reduced by 25% which offers you to wear even smaller hearing aids.

Signia Wave Pattern EarWear 30 1920x1080 1024x576
Signia Wave Pattern Motion 13 Nx 1920x1080 1024x576

Motion 13 Nx and Motion 13 P Nx

The versatile solution for a natural-sounding voice and direct streaming which offers you outstanding soundscape processing along with discreet fit.

Accessories for Motion Charge&Go X

Accessories for Motion Charge&Go P X & Motion Charge&Go SP X

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