Best Hearing Aid Android Apps

Best Hearing Aid Android Apps

Hearing aids can have a hugely positive impact on a wearer’s quality of life. For many, these ear machines are already indispensable – but backed by the right hearing aid app, the benefits they offer can be even greater.

These hearing aid apps not only provide additional control and customization but also enable connectivity with other smart devices. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best hearing aid Android apps from leading manufacturers.


1. Signia App:

The Signia App is designed to work seamlessly with Signia hearing aids, offering users a range of features for personalized hearing. With the Signia app, users can adjust volume, change listening programs, and access a real-time soundscape of their environment. It also includes tinnitus therapy features, making it an extensive tool for managing hearing and associated conditions.

2. my Phonak App:

The my Phonak app is compatible with Phonak hearing aids and offers a wealth of functionality. Users can adjust settings like volume, bass, and treble to suit their preferences. The app also includes a “Find My Hearing Aid” feature, allowing users to locate their hearing aids if they’re misplaced. Additionally, the my Phonak app offers remote support from hearing care professionals, facilitating adjustments and fine-tuning from the comfort of your home.

My Phonak App 786x1024
My Phonak Junior App

3. my Phonak Junior App:

Designed for young wearers of Phonak hearing aids, the my Phonak Junior app offers an engaging and interactive experience. It includes features like hearing aid control, a reward system for consistent use, and a decibel meter to help children understand sound levels and protect their hearing. The app fosters independence in young users while providing valuable data to parents and audiologists.

4. Widex Moment App:

The Widex Moment App pairs with Widex Moment hearing aids, offering a range of customizable options. Users can adjust hearing machine settings, create personalized soundscapes for different environments, and access a SoundSense Learn feature that fine-tunes hearing aid settings based on user preferences. The app also allows users to share feedback with their hearing care professional or audiologist for remote adjustments.

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5. Widex TONELINK App:

The Widex TONELINK App is designed for those with Widex hearing aids and provides an easy-to-use interface for adjusting hearing aid device settings. Users can control volume, adjust program settings, and manage directional focus. It’s a simple yet effective tool for enhancing the listening experience.

6. ReSound Smart 3D App:

ReSound’s Smart 3D App is designed to work with ReSound hearing aids, offering a wide range of features for customization and connectivity. Users can adjust volume, treble, and bass, as well as create custom hearing profiles for various environments. The app also enables direct streaming of phone calls, music, and other audio from compatible Android devices. Additionally, it offers a tinnitus manager for those dealing with ringing in the ears.

Resound Smart 3D App
Starkey Hearing Control App

7. Starkey Thrive Hearing Control App:

The Starkey Thrive Hearing Control App pairs with Starkey hearing aids. Wearers can adjust volume, change listening modes, and even geotag settings for specific locations. The app also includes a “Find My Hearing Aids” feature, making it easier to locate misplaced devices. Users can stream phone calls and media directly to their hearing aids, enhancing their listening experience.

8. Starkey Hear Share App:

The Starkey Hear Share App is a unique tool by which users can share real-time hearing aid adjustments with friends and family, making it easier for them to adapt to different listening environments. This app fosters greater understanding and support among loved ones, ultimately improving the user’s overall hearing experience.

Starkey Hear Share App
Oticon Companion App

9. Oticon Companion App:

The Oticon Companion App is designed to complement Oticon hearing aids, offering users numerous customization options. Users can adjust volume, choose listening programs, and check battery status. The app also includes a feature that helps users find their hearing aids if they are misplaced. Oticon’s app makes it easy for users to personalize their hearing experience.


Hearing aid Android apps have revolutionized the way individuals with hearing loss interact with their devices. From customization and remote adjustments to connectivity and educational tools, these apps offer a wide range of benefits. Whether you’re using Signia, Phonak, Widex, ReSound, Starkey, or Oticon hearing aids, there’s likely an app designed to enhance your hearing experience.


When considering a hearing aid, it’s essential to consult with a hearing care professional at Ear Solutions who can recommend the best options for your specific needs and preferences. These professionals can guide you in selecting the right hearing aid and app combination to help you hear better and improve your overall quality of life. Embrace the power of technology and discover how these hearing aid Android apps can transform your hearing journey.

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