Enhanced Hearing With Widex Smart RIC and Widex Sound Assist

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In the world of hearing aids, advancements in technology continue to revolutionize the way individuals experience sound and connect with the world around them. Widex, a renowned leader in hearing aid innovation, has introduced cutting-edge solutions designed to provide enhanced hearing experiences tailored to individual needs. Among these innovations are the Widex Smart Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) hearing aids and the Widex Sound Assist which have recently won the Red Dot Design Award. Widex recently announced that its new Widex SmartRIC hearing aids and the Widex Sound Assist multifunctional accessory are winners of the 2024 Red Dot Design Awards. Both products took home awards in the Healthcare category, while SmartRIC was also named a winner in the Medical Devices and Technology category. In this blog, we’ll explore how these award-winning technologies work to deliver superior hearing performance and convenience for users.

Widex Smart RIC: A Breakthrough in Hearing Aid Design

Widex SmartRIC comes in an L-shape that places the device higher up on the wearer’s ear, ensuring the angle between the device’s two microphones becomes closer to horizontal. This enables the directional microphone to align with what wearers are focusing on, resulting in an improved signal-to-noise ratio in noisy environments, according to the company.

In addition to the L-shaped angle, Widex made several other design choices to craft a dependable and convenient solution that lets wearers enjoy the freedom of not having to think about their hearing aids when they are on the go.

Newly designed microphone inlets effectively reduce wind and touch noise to make challenging listening situations more comfortable. Wearers on the move also benefit from the included fast-charging case—Widex’s first-ever portable charging solution.

The compact case can fully charge the hearing aids in four hours, or add eight hours of continuous use through a 30-minute fast charge. The case offers five full charges and fits easily into a pocket or small bag.

The Widex Smart RIC hearing aids represent a breakthrough in hearing aid design, combining advanced technology with sleek and discreet form factors. This design offers several benefits, including:

Comfort and Discretion: The slim and lightweight design of the Smart RIC hearing aids ensures maximum comfort and discretion, allowing users to wear them comfortably throughout the day without feeling self-conscious.

Natural Sound Quality: The placement of the receiver in the ear canal enables more natural sound transmission, resulting in improved sound quality and speech understanding, even in noisy environments.

Customizable Options: Smart RIC hearing aids are available in various styles and colours to suit individual preferences, ensuring that users can find the perfect fit for their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Wireless Connectivity: Many Smart RIC models offer wireless connectivity features, allowing users to stream audio from smartphones, TVs, and other compatible devices directly to their hearing aids for a seamless listening experience.

Widex Sound Assist

Widex Sound Assist is a five-in-one device that is designed to improve communication through partner and table microphone functionality, high-quality hands-free phone calls, direct streaming from any Bluetooth device, and remote control of Widex Moment and Widex Moment Sheer hearing aids. Compact and discrete, Sound Assist fits into the palm of wearers’ hands and delivers 10 hours of mixed-use battery life.

In addition to its innovative Sound Assist Device, Widex has also developed the Sound Assist app, a powerful tool that enhances the user experience and provides personalized remote support. This app allows users to connect with their hearing care professionals remotely for adjustments, fine-tuning, and troubleshooting without the need for in-person appointments. Key features of Widex Sound Assist include:

Remote Fine-Tuning: Users can request adjustments to their hearing aid settings directly through the app, allowing their hearing care professional to make real-time modifications based on their feedback and preferences.

Virtual Fitting Sessions: The app enables virtual fitting sessions, where users can receive personalized guidance and support from their audiologist or hearing care professional via video calls, ensuring optimal hearing aid performance and satisfaction.

Usage Data Monitoring: Sound Assist provides users with valuable insights into their hearing aid usage patterns, including daily wearing time, listening environments, and battery life, empowering them to make informed decisions about their hearing health.

Educational Resources: The app offers educational resources and tutorials to help users better understand their hearing aids, hearing loss, and communication strategies, empowering them to take control of their hearing health and overall well-being.

Conclusion: Empowering Users With Enhanced Hearing Solutions

The combination of Widex Smart RIC hearing aids and the Sound Assist app represents a powerful synergy of advanced technology and personalized support, enabling users to experience enhanced hearing performance and convenience like never before. With their discreet design, natural sound quality, wireless connectivity, and remote support capabilities, Widex Smart RIC hearing aids and Sound Assist app are transforming the way individuals with hearing loss connect with the world around them. Whether it’s enjoying conversations with loved ones, engaging in social activities, or pursuing professional endeavours, these innovative solutions empower users to live life to the fullest with confidence and clarity.

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