Hearing loss and deafness, not the same


It is important to distinguish between hearing loss and deafness, as hearing loss is categorised into various levels a while deafness is inability to detect sound.

Hearing Loss And Deafness 1

Hearing loss is the reduced ability to hear sounds, deafness is the complete loss of understanding speech even with the help of amplification device.

Hearing loss categorisation

  • Mild loss
  • Moderate loss
  • Severe loss

These levels are treated with amplification device which compensates for adequate hearing levels


  • Pre lingual
  • Post lingual
  • Unilateral and bilateral

Causes of both hearing loss and deafness could be either congenital or acquired in nature.


Hearing loss : people with hearing loss usually complain of lack of clarity in in perceiving sounds.

Deafness : people here complain of loss of ability to hear presence of any sound.


Detecting the issue occurs thorough a series of test batteries, physical examination to begin with and followed by screening test as per the complaint.

Treatment options

In cases of hearing loss, the common treatment option looked at is providing hearing aids with respective need of amplification

In cases of deafness, cochlear implant provides the required benefit.

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