Importance of Acclimatization for Hearing Aid Users


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Importance Of Acclimatization For Hearing Aid Users

It was estimated that hearing loss is most frequent disability, affecting more than 250 million people in the world. The impact of hearing disability is seen on emotional and behavioral wellbeing, social participation, quality of day to day life and employment status. The impact of hearing loss on any individuals and their families is extensive and it has an effect on day to day life. Any type of disability can lead to depression, whereas hearing loss can lead to number of losses. Hearing loss can result in interpersonal difficulties and career opportunities that may suffer from the notion that individuals’ skills are affected by the hearing loss.

For many reasons, it is important for audiologists and consumers to document improvement and benefit from amplification device at various stages of uses of amplification device. Professional are also interested to see the impact of amplification device on the consumer’s auditory performance at different stages i.e. immediately after fitting and over several months of use. Thus, a regular follow up assessment is very much essential. And to be mentioned, acclimatization is the most important aspect that every consumer has to accept.

Through our professional practice with the hearing aids for so many years, we have seen a significant improvement in the performance of speech perception for the consumers who use their hearing aids for more than 8 hours per day on a longer run than when compared with the performance at the initial fit. This clearly suggests a process called acclimatization that has happened.

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