Reconnect with Life’s Sounds with Oticon More Hearing Aids

Oticon heairng aids

Hearing is a fundamental sense that connects us to the world around us, enabling us to engage with close ones, enjoy the beauty of music, and stay informed about the happenings in our lives. However, for individuals with hearing loss, these everyday pleasures and essential connections can often fade away. Oticon, a leading name in hearing aid technology, has addressed this challenge with the Oticon More hearing aids, a revolutionary device designed to reconnect wearers with life’s sounds in a profoundly innovative way. In this blog, we will explore the remarkable features of Oticon More hearing aids and how they are transforming the hearing experience.

More Sound Intelligence:

At the heart of Oticon More hearing machine is the groundbreaking MoreSound Intelligence technology. This advanced processing platform is designed to mimic the brain’s natural hearing processes, allowing users to access a broader and more dynamic soundscape. It captures the different degrees of sound from various directions, enabling wearers to effortlessly switch focus between conversations and their surroundings, even in noisy environments.


Virtual Outer Ear:

The Virtual Outer Ear feature in Oticon More hearing aid replicates the function of the outer ear, improving the way sound is collected and processed. By emulating the natural acoustic characteristics of the ear, this technology ensures that wearers perceive sounds more realistically and accurately, enhancing speech understanding and spatial awareness.

Spatial Balancer:

Understanding the spatial dimension of sound is vital for situational awareness. Oticon More hearing aid device introduces Spatial Balancer, which assists wearers in locating and identifying the sources of sounds around them. Whether it’s a car approaching from behind or a friend calling from a distance, this feature contributes to a more comprehensive auditory experience.

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Transient Noise Management:

Sudden and loud noises can be startling and uncomfortable for hearing aid wearers. Transient Noise Management in Oticon More ear machine detects and reacts to these noises in real-time, smoothly reducing their impact without compromising speech clarity. This ensures that wearers can comfortably enjoy events like live music concerts or the clattering of dishes in a restaurant.

Oticon ON App & Oticon Remote Care App:

Oticon recognizes the importance of seamless connectivity and user control. The Oticon ON App and Oticon Remote Care App provide wearers with the ability to adjust their hearing aid settings, stream audio from smartphones and other devices, and even receive remote support from hearing care professionals. These apps empower users to customize their hearing experience and seek assistance when needed.

Oticon Companion App

Feedback Prevention:

Feedback or whistling sounds from hearing aids can be both embarrassing and distracting. Oticon More hearing aid machine employs advanced technology to prevent feedback effectively, allowing wearers to engage in conversations and enjoy their surroundings without interruptions.

Soft Speech Booster:

Conversations often involve soft-spoken individuals or subtle vocal nuances that can be challenging to hear for those with hearing loss. Oticon More’s Soft Speech Booster addresses this issue by enhancing the audibility of soft speech sounds, ensuring that wearers can fully engage in hushed conversations without straining.

Tinnitus Ringing Or Humming In Your Ear

Tinnitus Sound Support:

Tinnitus, often described as ringing or buzzing in the ears, can be distressing. Oticon More hearing machine offers Tinnitus Sound Support, a feature that provides customizable relief sounds designed to alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus. This helps wearers find comfort and relief from the persistent sounds associated with this condition.

In conclusion, Oticon More hearing aids represent a significant leap forward in hearing aid technology, delivering a truly immersive and natural listening experience. The combination of More Sound Intelligence, Virtual Outer Ear, Spatial Balancer, Transient Noise Management, Feedback Prevention, Soft Speech Booster, and the convenience of the Oticon ON App and Oticon Remote Care App ensures that wearers can reconnect with life’s sounds in a way that was once unimaginable.


These remarkable features are not just technological innovations; they are a gateway to a richer, more vibrant world of sound. Oticon’s commitment to improving the quality of life for individuals with hearing loss is evident in the design and functionality of Oticon More. With these hearing machines, wearers can enjoy the full spectrum of sounds that make life beautiful, from the softest whispers to the most joyful melodies, all while benefiting from the support and care of the Oticon ecosystem.

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